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Niort, France
perioada: 25 August to 10 September 2011

Association «Pour l’Instant»
Rencontres de la Jeune Photographie Internationale

Residency for photographers

Niort, France, a town of 60,000 inhabitants, has been the setting for this
residency since the very beginning of the annual Rencontres de la Jeune
Photographie Internationale. The eight selected residents will be
accompanied throughout their stay by Christian Caujolle, co-founder of the
Agence VU, and will be given full technical support from the team of the
association Pour l’Instant. A technical centre, fully equipped to
professional standards, including a black and white darkroom and a digital
workshop is reserved for their exclusive use. In this context, the young
artists are invited to create and experiment. They have total carte
blanche to work as they wish, stimulated by their encounters, exchanges
and the diverse approaches of other participants. This amounts to a truly
unique artistic experience.
Conditions of the residency:

The expenses covered for this residency include:
• Supplies required for creation
• Accommodation, breakfast and evening meal from 25 August to 10 September
2011 (included).
• Travel costs within the French territory, for foreign participants from
point of arrival in France to Niort (for example: Paris-Niort)
• The works of the selected residents, submitted as part of their
application, will be exhibited from 1 July to 7 September. The laureates
must agree to ensure delivery of these works to the address of the
association “Pour l’Instant” by the beginning of June. The association
will reimburse the sender for the cost of transport of works upon
presentation of the receipt during the residency.

During the residency, the laureates agree to produce an exhibition. The
created works will be exhibited from 9 September until 22 October, and
will then join the collection of works built up over the years by the
association. All negatives and digital files remain the property of the

The photographs constituting the collection of works are to be exhibited
or reproduced solely for promotion of the association “Pour l’Instant”, of
the Encounters and/or for educational purposes.

Conditions of the residency

Application contents (In writing, in French or in English)

Any submitted application must include a signed copy of the enclosed
application form, a biography, a selection of recent representative works
and a text presenting the approach, as well as, optionally, presentation
of an intended project for carrying out during this residency.

For French applications, imperatively:
• all submitted work is to be presented in paper-based form only
(traditional or digital), with the sole exception of multimedia work. The
format and number are free

For applications coming from abroad only, other than the above form, it is
possible to present work:
• on CD or DVD (low resolution files, Mac/PC compatible and without any
downloading being required).
The number of works in this case is limited to 25 per series and 2 series
• by e-mail (maxi 10 Mo) with the same constraints as for work submitted
on CD or DVD to the e-mail address below.

Deadline for reception of applications in Niort: 2 May 2011.

Application contents can only be returned if received with appropriate
packaging, self-addressed and stamped at the corresponding rate in France,
or together with an international reply coupon.

data limita: 02/05/11 - recieved

Association «Pour l’Instant»
7 avenue de Limoges
79000 Niort
tel: 06 82 11 05 26
pourlinstant at wanadoo.fr


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