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make a group in FB with description of the case...this will make the situation more public!
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Subject: [Oberlist] Moldova Pavillion @ Venice Biennale 2011

Dear friends and colleagues,

We, artists from Moldova, took the curage get in direct contact with OXANA MALEEVA - curator of Moldova Pavillion at Venice. We would like to make this conversation widely open and invite everybody to follow and actively participate to our discuttion discussion -->


Dear Ms. Oxana Maleeva,

This is a PUBLIC message within I would like to inform you that an entire artistic community of Moldova and in particular community that activates in the frame of Contemporaty Art is expecting an answer from you.

We would like to understand the way of strange unification of commerial brand Moe and Mark Verlan.

1. What is your strategy as curator of Moldovan pavillion at Venice Biennale 2011 ?  

2. What consist the particular strategy of project TRANSNISTRIA that made possible to put together in one exhibition one artist and two people (based in Italy) without any eligibility to name themselves artists? 

3. What are your connection with Mark Verlan, who said that he didn't meet any curators that would represent Venice Biennale?

4. How it happens that you are a curator from St.Petersbourg based in Italy, but curate an exhibition that represent Moldova Republic?

I kindly ask you to reply. You may take it as a public interview.  
In case you decide to remain silent, we are going to take it as an ignoration of artistic interests by you as professional curator.

Thank you in advance!

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