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STEP Beyond Travel Grant funds emerging artists and cultural workers to
explore and to exchange views, skills and inspiration.

STEP Beyond Travel grants fund up-and-coming artists and cultural workers
- with a priority to individuals up to 35 years and/or in the first 10
years of their career - to travel between EU and countries bordering the
EU. Since 2003, STEP  - which stands for ‘Supporting Travel for European
Partnerships’ - Beyond Travel Grants have supported the movement of
hundreds of people across European borders by providing between €250 and
Funding mobility and exchange links closely to ECF’s overall objectives
and specifically to our European Neighbourhood programme, which currently
works with organisations in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Turkey. Also
high on our agenda is support for people and projects in the
Arab-Mediterranean regions. We especially welcome applications for STEP
Beyond Travel Grants from these regions.
STEP Beyond Travel Grants grants are supported by De BankGiroLoterij and
De Lotto received through Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. STEP Beyond Travel
Grants from/to the countries of South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and
Georgia) and Turkey are jointly funded with the Open Society Foundation
Supported by STEP Beyond Travel Grants
The Armenian cultural managers Armine Avetisyan and Mirzoyan Ashot worked
with leading institutions across Turkey to set up Pathways to Cultural
Spaces for sustainable cultural programming in Eastern Anatolia, Western
Georgia and North Armenia.

Pathways to Cultural Spaces, © Armine Avetisyan
As an example of their many encounters, Avetiyan described a breakfast in
Kamer with the famous Turkish actor Hasan Demircan: ‘He was in Kars for a
film shooting. With Hasanbey we shared our plans in collaborative film
projects and discussed the possibilities for long-term partnership.’
For more experiences gained through STEP Beyond Travel grants have a look
at our online community at Rhiz.eu where many grantees have uploaded their
personal profiles and travel stories.
How to apply, application form and deadlines
For more information on how to apply, a list of eligible countries and
travel destinations, and to access the application form, go to the "how to
apply guidelines". This ‘how to apply’ PDF booklet is also available in
Russian but please note that the final application has to be in English. 
There is no deadline for this grant scheme, it operates on a rolling
basis, so you can apply at any time. The selection process takes up to one
month (but can take longer during holiday periods).
ECF manages the application and the granting procedures of this fund. In
2009, we received 400 applications and awarded 159 individual travel
grants of between €250 and €700.

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