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Subject: Practice-Based Doctoral Programme
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Research Platform for Curatorial and Cross-disciplinary Cultural
Studies, Practice-Based Doctoral Programme

A co-operation of the Department of Art at the University of Reading
(UK) with the Postgraduate Programme in Curating at the Zurich
University for the Arts, Institute Cultural Studies, Department
Cultural Analysis (CH)
Programme directors: Susanne Clausen and Dorothee Richter
    2. http://www.on-curating.org


The Department of Art at the University of Reading in collaboration
with the Postgraduate Programme in Curating is offering a new doctoral
program for research in and as curatorial and/or artistic practice.
Research students are enrolled at the University of Reading and the
Postgraduate Programme in Curating is hosting a research group and
offers opportunities for teaching and lecturing in Higher Education.
The new PhD programme specializes in offering established curators,
artists, art critics and designers from all disciplines the critical
framework to focus on specific curatorial and cultural research topics
in order to earn a Doctorate from the University of Reading through a
combined theoretical and practical approach.

The Research Platform aims to provide a cooperative environment with a
decidedly cross-disciplinary and international bent based on an
association of two outstanding Programmes, the Department of Art at the
University of Reading and the Postgraduate Program in Curating at the
Zurich University for the Arts. The program responds to recent changes
in the processes of the production of culture and a shift in the
organisation of work processes throughout society. Within this shift,
individual areas of action are coming together in new meta-levels, such
as networks and knowledge transfer. The program aims to address and to
question the significant changes affecting cultural production. It
seeks to provide a productive environment for participants to discuss
and develop their research, to critically reflect on the issues
involved and to transform their own respective positions as producers,
agents, designers, artists, archivists, and conveyors of those
economies, and the politics, aesthetics and effects related to them.
The program emphasises the reflection of curatorial and artistic
methodologies and prospects of arts production, its practitioners, and
its audiences.
The Practice-based PhD program is designed for a three year duration.
Participants are enrolled at the Department of Art at the University of
Reading and they should be prepared to take part in seminars and
communal meetings in Zurich and Reading. Over the course of the three
years participants will develop and realise their projects supported by
the academic and artistic team of co-participants and faculty.
The participants have access to the facilities and resources of the
Department of Art at Reading and at the Postgraduate Program in
Curating and to the institutions and people that form the broader and
expanding Research Platform. Participants will be supported to pursue
and develop dissertation work resulting in a curatorial/artistic
project and a written component displaying a strong emphasis on
methodological reflexivity and documentation. Moreover, participants
are expected to take an active part in organizing the program
(coordinating workshops, guest lectures, conferences, exhibitions,
screenings, etc.). After successful completion and submission of the
PhD, a Doctorate will be awarded by the University of Reading.
Participants will be able to engage with the ongoing international
public programmes connected to the Postgraduate Programme in Curating
Zurich, and with the independent www.OnCurating.org magazine.
Entry requirements
Requirements for admission to the PhD in Practice program are a degree
(MA, MFA or diploma) from a recognized University or Academy, and the
submission of a portfolio and/or a written project proposal (to be
written in English). Applicants who are already engaged in an artistic
or academic career are encouraged to apply. Applications will be made
directly to the University of Reading.
Please contact the Department of Art for further information:
fineart at reading.ac.uk

The main practical areas for curatorial
approaches are:
• Exhibitions and exhibition architecture
• Design
• Production of
books and catalogues
• Installations
• Digital projects
Transdisciplinary practices
• Art Mediation
• Art in public
Art education projects/ communication projects
• Sound-specific
• Film/Video/Performance
Areas of Research
Transfer: contemporary discourses of exhibition practice / undertaking
a critique of ideology through the medium of exhibition making /
everyday culture to high culture/ media in relation to curating
Display: the practices and power relations within modes of display;
modes and discourses of audience address
Context: Sites/ discourses of space and body politics / review of
political missions/ (post)colonial perspectives / Re-interpretations of
collection politics
Contemporary Practices: artistic and curatorial projects / paradigm
shifts concerning the production, distribution, and reception of
exhibitions, curating as cultural practice, performative curating
Susanne Clausen is an artist and Head of the Department of Art at of
the University of Reading; 
Dorothee Richter is Head of the
Postgraduate Programme in Curating, ICS, DKV, ZhdK and supervisor for
PhDs at the University of Reading.


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