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On Thursday November 15 2012 the Sunshine Socialist Cinema presents:

Kuxa Kanema in Mozambique - talk and filmclips  
  During the symposium CIRCULAR GROUNDS #1 the Sunshine Socialist Cinema
will introduce a couple of clips from Kuxa Kanema newsreels, recorded in
Mozambique in the mid 1970's. Kuxa Kanema means "Birth of Cinema". When
Mozambique gained independence in 1974 after nearly 500 years of colonial
rule, the Marxist FRELIMO party and the president Samora Machel founded
the National Institute of Cinema in order to produce and distribute images
of the country re-building itself into an independent nation. The 10
minute Kuxa Kanema newsreels were screened weekly in cinemas and through
mobile screening units transported around the country in old VW buses. The
people working on these newsreels were all novices, educated by foreign
filmmakers invited by FRELIMO from Yugoslavia, Cuba, Brazil and the Soviet
Union. Jean-Luc Godard attempted to help set up a national television
system, teaching people in rural villages to film using video cameras. The
anthropologist Jean Rouch set up documentary filmmaking workshops which
shot so-called Cartes Postales every morning on 8 mm and then screened
them the same evening, in the first instance of what became known as Varan
Workshops. Postcards on film, of the people, by the people, and presented
to the people. In Kuxa Kanema, film was meant to be an educational tool
used to create an independent  Marxist state. Its' example has inspired
several contemporary artists to comment upon it. Kuxa Kanema speaks of
jilted idealism and of conflicting desires, of a wish for art to get to
play a part in the construction of a new society.
The symposium CIRCULAR GROUNDS #1 is arranged by Redakzia at Skogen in
Gothenburg, and includes presentations by Håkan Thörn and Kuba Szreder.
Redakzia is produced by curator Corina Oprea and artist Maria Draghici.
http://edit-projectroom.org/projects/redakzia Open to all, free entrance -
see you Thursday!  
  Sunshine Socialist Cinema is an outdoor cinema powered by solarpanels,
run by artists Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing. We’re re-distributing
surplus light from day to night by solarpanel and projector, and screen
films that generate discussion on radical leftwing topics. Our themes
include post-industrial survival, political filmmaking, artists joining
political collectives, and more. Our activities include public screenings,
studygroup discussions, field trips, and presentations hosted by other

The cinema is installed in a garden in Höja in the southern Swedish
countryside, with screenings occurring regularly during the summer months.
A 230 W solarpanel provides power for a 270 W projector, meaning two hours
of sunlight gives us one and a half hour of projected film at night.
Screen and bleachers purposebuilt, free entrance, artworks on display, and
connections developed gradually with local organizations. Programming is
discussed and technical issues worked out in a study group run within the
local workers educational association, ABF, where we’re also figuring out
a typology of political film and filmmaking.
  Next event:  On December 1 2012 the Sunshine Socialist Cinema presents
Stalin by Picasso or Portrait of Woman with Moustache by Lene Berg at
Socialistiskt Forum in Stockholm.

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