[oberlist] CZ* evnt/film: FORTRESS (2012) /// screening + discussion, 03.12.2012, 8 pm

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Fri Nov 30 04:33:00 CET 2012

FORTRESS (2012) /// screening + discussion

03 / 12 / 2012 // 8pm

Screening of the winning film of the CZECH JOY price – best Czech 
documentary – Jihlava IDFF 2012 and discussion with film authors and 
special 4AM guest – curator and author Vladimir US from Republic of 

Fortress, Czech republic, 2012, 70 min.

Directors, screenplay, editing: Klára Tasovská, Lukáš Kokeš

Just a few kilometres east from the European Union border, right 
between Moldova and Ukraine, lies Pridniestrovian Moldovan Republic 
/PMR/. Thin strip of a land on the left bank of the Nistru river with 
518 000 citizens isn´t recognized by any other country. On this 
officially non-existing territory has never been shot a professional 
Framed by the time of presidential election, “Fortress” focuses on a 
couple of characters being stuck in this geo-political gap, in between 
European Union and Russia, in between capitalist present and soviet 
past, crime and decency, decadence and hope for change.
Language: Russian, Subtitles Czech (poss. EN)


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