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Hrvatsko društvo likovnih umjetnika (The Croatian Association of Artists ) and the Goethe-Institut Kroatien are inviting you to the opening of the exhibition BERLINER ZIMMER on the 25th of October at 7 p.m. at the HDLU, Galerija Prsten, Trg žrtava fašizma bb, Zagreb.


The Berlin room (Berliner Zimmer) is distinctive for the houses of the ruling elite in Berlin at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. We are talking about a long room, which connected the front part of the house (the one for the gentry) with adjoining and back rooms for servants. It was being used as a drawing, living or principal room, or a room through which one passed to the other rooms in the house. The function of the room changed with time, in a way it was “democratized”, retaining nevertheless the characteristic of a gathering place for the house’s occupants.

Berlin has always been a city of discussions and contradictions, a city that gives art its guidelines and a place where new artistic currents arise. This exhibition represents the works of fourteen artists from Southeastern Europe that live and work in Berlin. Their photographs, installation, sculptures and video works reflect in different ways the dialogue of the artist with his old and new homeland, as well as the tension between the present and the past. „Berliner Zimmer“ represents an interspace of a continuous transitional state between two worlds, which is the main topic of their works.

This traveling exhibition has emerged through the cooperation of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki and the Goethe-Institut in Thessaloniki and was first shown in Thessaloniki in April 2011, where it assembled the works of ten artists from Southeastern Europe, living and working in Berlin. After Thessaloniki, also Bucharest, Sarajevo and Belgrade hosted the exhibition, where it was joined by new artists. Thus Anita Šurkić with her work Die Baustelle and Vladimir Mitrev from Bulgaria with his work Illegal, will attend the exhibition in Zagreb.

The exhibition brings together the works of fourteen artists:
Silva Agostini (Albania), Maja Bajević (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Šejla Kamerić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kristina Leko (Croatia), Milovan Destil Marković (Serbia), Vladimir Mitrev (Bulgaria), Dan Mihălţianu (Romania), Tanja Ostojić (Serbia) and David Rych (Austria), Yorgos Sapountzis (Greece), Anita Šurkić (Croatia), Evanthia Tsantila (Greece), Nasan Tur (Turkey), Mariana Vassileva (Bulgaria).

The artists Kristina Leko, Anita Šurkić, Dan Mihălţianu and Vladimir Mitrev will accompany the curator of the exhibition, Birgit Hoffmeister, and the co-curator Iva Kovač at the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until 14 November 2012.

© Nasan Tur, Time for Revolussion


Iva Kovac & Elvis Krstulovic
a.k.a. Fokus Grupa


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