[oberlist] exchange on ARTISTIC RESEARCH on SPACE and TIME

julakim julakim at ar2com.de
Fri Oct 26 18:00:15 CEST 2012

I would like to invite you to the new VIMEO group of the 
"Interdisciplinary Summer Academy PoolPlay". During a week the 
participants, the PoolPlayers, will research artisticly on SPACE and 
TIME. People interested in MUSIC, DANCE, ARCHI
TECTURE or ART are welcome to join the artistic research which will lead 
after one week into the PoolFillment: a final performance in the empty 
swimming pool.

The group has 3 albums:
01 any video about artistic research on SPACE and TIME - feel free to 
add stuff
02 official videos by the summer academy PoolPlay
03 videos by PoolPlayers, participants of the summer academy

If you are using facebook, I created as well a group, to better exchange 
our ideas.

This group is open to anyone interested in ARTISTIC RESEARCH on SPACE 
and TIME from the field of MUSIC, DANCE, ARCHITECTURE and ART.

The group has grown from the Summer Academy PoolPlay, which takes place 
once a year in Innichen, South Tyrol - Italy. www.facebook.com/PoolPlay 
/ www.PoolPlay.eu

Here in this group you can join without any relation to the summer 
academy PoolPlay you only need to be interested in artistic research. 
Feel free to post articles or initiatives which relate to SPACE and TIME 
or announce events.

Creative regards,
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