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Dataflow: a retrospective game of chance
20. 10. ? 4. 11. 2012
Camera Austria, Lendkai 1, Graz

Dataflow speaks about a delicate balance act between random events
the intuitively creative mind, and material accumulations feeding the
brain in its lust for clarity. It is a piece of fiction in the sense that
there was never a teleological implication to our modus operandi, no
on a specific goal and no aspiration for coherence. But Dataflow is at the
same time a rather accurate rendition of an epiphany.

In the fall of 1999, Vienna became the center of our focus, and with a sense
of urgency we looked around for ways of capturing the city within the
work frame at our disposal. And so we came to the realization that a
almost tangible path was actually followed by us from the pile of boxes
with photos
shipped to Berlin, to the series of Art History Archive events organized
in our studio there, to the discovery of the boxes with the 6 × 6 negatives,
to the Serving Art series developed at Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. It
was probably a faithful thing that a CITY was the catalyst of the
process that led us from the intuitive play with visual data to the coherent
data production visible in Interviewing the Cities. While the Archive
/ Serving Art series were taking the fundamental modernist concept of object
trouvé to another level, Interviewing became a complex web of places,
characters, and unspoken side events?a piece of virtual urbanism in its own

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