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Subject: [artacontemporana] INVITATION: thinkaboutspace CONTRIBUITION
From:    "ma rta" <zarzarii at yahoo.com>
Date:    Thu, April 4, 2013 1:02 pm
To:      "zarzara" <zarzarii at yahoo.com>

As part of the international group exhibition OPEN MONUMENT which will
open on the 3rd of May 2013 in Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien in Berlin
(exhibition 3rd May – 16 June) WE INVITE YOU TO CONTRIBUTE to the online
platform THINKABOUTSPACE (http://www.thinkaboutspace.net/) with your ideas
regarding a new form of public monument. The exhibition is dedicated to a
multimedial and transformative historic monument and will show new
monuments in the public space of Berlin Kreuzberg and works in the gallery
Call for contribution with Image, Text, Sound, Video, architectural models
on your idea of a possible new (or already realized) historic monument.
The material gathered on THINKABOUTSPACE will be included in the
exhibition and projected along with the other works of OPEN MONUMENT.
Contributions are nominal or anonymous – you choose. You can write your
name onto the image/video/text etc.
Subject: exhibition participation /online platform contribution
Deadline for submission: 20th April 2013
Send your material to: zarzarii at yahoo.com, with the subject: proposal
for thinkaboutspace.
Opportunity for artists, architects, curators, theoreticians etc.
THINKABOUTSPACE, Design by Alessandro Geri Rustighi.
!sorry for crosspostings!

Oberliht, Young Artists Association
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