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Subject: [transversal] Crowdfunding for refugee protest in austria
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Dear all,

last week 8 refugee activists who – with great courage and under
enormous stresses and strains – have been organising the biggest and
longest selforganised refugee protest in Austria, were deported to
Pakistan, 12 other persons are being threatened to be deported very
soon. The Austrian Ministry of Interior Johanna Mikl-Leitner justified
the deportations by stating that the regions in Pakistan are not all
dangerous and that especially those regions, where the deported
refugees are from, were secure. Some journalists have been taking a
closer look and report that at least some of the regions into which
the activists were deported are considered to be the most dangerous
ones in Pakistan.

Furthermore 3 refugee activists have been arrested under suspicion of
human trafficing. Mikl-Leitner stated in some interviews in early
August, that the 3 men are said to have abandonned pregnant women, and
the press reported that the arrested refugees have gained around 3 to
10 million Euro. These accusations were contested by the speakers of
the prosecutions - they said it even remains unclear whether or not
those men were paid, and regarding the allegations of having
abandonned pregnant women on the road, the prosecutors seem to know
nothing about.

Obviously their responsibility under criminal law is a minor one,
whether or not it should be morally condemned to provide food and
shelter for fellow countrymen fleeing to Europe and illegally entering
Austria (which are the elements of the crime human trafficing), is a
political question that needs to be discussed.

Meanwhile it is undisputable, that the Ministery of Interior as well
as the executive authorities have purposefully spread untruth in the
public sphere; and that the activists have become specific targets of
deportations and/or criminalisation, because they are politically
active and the Austrian People's Party is trying to get right wing
votes for the forthcoming elections in automn.

The remaining activists (around 40) have understandably massive fears
and are trying to unfurl their asylum cases. Therefore they need money
for lawyers.

If you can do without a few (or also many) Euros - please support us!

Please donate and spread the news! Thanks!


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