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BADco. extends an *open call for contributions* for

*Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion*


When and where:
March 21-23, 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia

This symposium and its topic are a continuation of BADco.'s artistic
interest to relate performance and time.  Our research is a critical
reflection on different structures of time - both in the context of
capitalist economic production, in the work with technologies on-stage
and in the work of dance as an old technology - aimed at examining
practices of not being at the height of time, intentional falling out
of step with the fast-paced development and flexibility required by
today's creative economy, creating forms of broken and re-purposed
functioning of the performance.

The symposium is a part of our participation in the project
"TIMeSCAPES - Images and performance of time in late capitalism."
TIMeSCAPES is a long-term artistic research and production platform
initiated by five cultural organizations: BADco. (HR), Maska (SI),
Walking Theory (RS), Science Communications Research (A) and
Film-protufilm (HR). Thus, it brings together four organizations,
whose internationally renowned artistic and cultural practice is
rooted in research, publishing and discourse, with one
science-oriented organization developing methodologies of artistic
research. The double objective is to conduct research and artistically
reflect the transverse issue of time that cuts across economy, society
and art: structure of working time in different economic contexts,
temporal experience in technologies, performative dramaturgies of
time, etc.; while at the same time tackling the issue that has acute
resonance in cultural and academic contexts across Europe: what should
the models and institutions of artistic research be, given the
constraints of time, money and mobility that artists face.

Who can apply: If you are a scholar or practitioner working on the
nexus of performance, media and technology, if you are working in or
between any number of fields such as, but not exclusively: performing
arts, visual arts, cinema and expanded cinema, human-machine
interaction, technological performance, architecture, neuroscience, we
are inviting you to present your research interests in form of a
presentation and/or participate in the debates at our symposium
"Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion".

When and where: The symposium will take place on  21-23 March 2013 in
Zagreb, Croatia. The artistic program will take place in parallel with
the symposium.

What is the topic: "Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion" is a
proposal to examine modalities of convergence between the temporal
structures in contemporary society, imagery of time and the production
of forms of life. The symposium will bring together a number of
scholars and artists to share their thoughts on how to critically
address the ways the time conditions labor, affect and values, and how
this then gets reflected in performance and media. The introduction of
new forms of work and working time organization, as well as changes in
the content and the nature of work, lead to a corresponding search for
a balance among the various forms of social time. "Time-scarcity"
therefore becomes a relevant topic not only from a social or
biological perspective, but also as a dramaturgical and performative
problem. Having developed in the 20th century in connection with the
principles of Fordism (endless motion, speed, oscillation between
order and chaos, the regulated and the coincidental), the development
of contemporary performance, especially dance over the last two
decades has reflected the deep changes brought about by post-Fordian
modes of labor (cognitive and affective virtuosity, multi-layered
temporality, proximity, collaboration processes, openness of work,
etc.). In this sense, different choreographic practices should not be
understood only as aesthetic practices, but also as wider social
processes of distributing bodies in time and space. Simultaneously,
the pervasive erosion of differences between film, television, and
computers, and collapsing differences between linked temporal
experiences in technologies of work, travel, communication, and vision
result in new ideologies of speed and compression, which opens new
possibilities to rethink elaborative slowness and strategies of
recapitulation in performance.

The themes we'd like to open are:
Image, completion and transformation
Aura of time and temporal disruption
Delay and temporal normativity
Despotism of time and production of negativity
Time, clock and information gathering
Technologies and incompleteness
Performance of broken tools
Magic and (in)completeness
Temporality of image
"Untimely" modes of existence, etc.

The symposium and attendant artistic program will include a.o.,
contributions by artists and scholars such as Sean Cubitt, Benjamin
Noys, Franck Leibovici, Saska Rakef, BADco. etc.

How to apply and when is the deadline: We are looking for
contributions of various formats, including but not limited to papers,
short presentations, demonstrations and participation in the debate,
up to 20 minutes in length. If you want to participate in the
symposium, please send us a short note stating your topical interests,
discussion points, format, etc. and a short description of your
background. While we cannot cover your expenses, we can help you find
a convenient travel arrangement and affordable accommodation, and we
will do our best to address your interests and provide an insightful

All proposals should be sent in by 10 February 2013 to: badco at badco.hr
You'll be notified of our decision shortly thereafter.


"Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion" is organized by BADco.
BADco. is a performing arts collective based in Zagreb, Croatia. The
artistic core of the group is: Pravdan Devlahovic, Ivana Ivkovic, Ana
Kreitmeyer, Tomislav Medak, Goran Sergej Pristas, Nikolina Pristas and
Zrinka Uzbinec. A combination of four choreographers / dancers, two
dramaturgs and a philosopher, BADco. has been systematically focusing
on the research of protocols of performing, presenting and spectating.
Over the last decade it has created over 15 performances that have
been featured all across Europe and beyond.

For more on BADco. see: www.badco.hr


"Broken Performances: Time and (In)Completion"  is part of TIMeSCAPES,
Images and performances of time in late capitalism, a partner project
of BADco. (Zagreb), Maska (Ljubljana), Science Communications Research
(Vienna), Walking Theory (Belgrade) and Film-protufilm (Zagreb). With
the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

The symposium and artistic programme are supported by the Ministry of
Culture of Republic of Croatia and Office for Education, Culture and
Sport of the City of Zagreb.




badco at badco.hr


BADco. podrzali / BADco. is supported by:

Gradski ured za kulturu Grada Zagreba
City Office for Culture Zagreb

Ministarstvo kulture RH
Ministry of Culture, Croatia


BADco. je suorganizator LABO21 - Evropske platforme za
interdisciplinarna istrazivanja umjetnickih metodologija partnera
BADco. (Zagreb), Random Dance (London), Troubleyn (Antwerp) i
International Choreographic Arts Centre (Amsterdam). Platforma LABO21
je podrzana od programa Kultura Evropske zajednice.

BADco. is co-organizer of LABO21 - European Platform for
Interdisciplinary Research on Artistic Methodologies, a partner
project of BADco. (Zagreb), Random Dance (London), Troubleyn (Antwerp)
and International Choreographic Arts Centre (Amsterdam). With the
support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.


BADco. je koordinator platforme TIMeSCAPES, slike i izvedbe vremena u
kasnom kapitalizmu partnera BADco. (Zagreb), Maska (Ljubljana),
Science Communications Research (Bec), Teorija koja hoda - TkH
(Beograd) i Film-protufilm (Zagreb). Platforma TIMeSCAPES je podrzana
od programa Kultura Evropske zajednice.

BADco. is coordinator of TIMeSCAPES, Images and performances of time
in late capitalism, a partner project of BADco. (Zagreb), Maska
(Ljubljana), Science Communications Research (Vienna), Walking Theory
(Belgrade) and Film-protufilm (Zagreb). With the support of the
Culture Programme of the European Union.


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