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 Call for applications for the 13th Istanbul Biennial

The artists to participate in the 13th Ä°stanbul Biennial will be determined
by *Fulya Erdemci*, the curator of the exhibition. Erdemci continues to
carry out her research both in Turkey and abroad.

Each applicant is supposed to send his or her digital portfolios and
project proposals together with the filled application form and send them
to the e-mail address below. Further information on the 13th Istanbul
Biennial may be reached through the Biennial’s web site.

The applications will be done *only digitally through e-mail*. The
application e-mails should be sent to
*application.biennial at iksv.org*<application.biennial at iksv.org>by one
*latest on March 1st, 2013*. The attachments size should not exceed *8 MBs*.

Final invitations to the participating artists will be sent by the end of
2013* and all applicants will receive an answer regarding their project
proposal by this date.

Please click here for the submission form:

Thank you for your interest.

Yovo Panchev
studio dauhaus
independent culture and
contemporary art platform

Oberliht, Young Artists Association
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portal informational pentru arta si cultura din Moldova
information gateway for arts and culture from Moldova
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