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*Solidarity with Villa Amalias Squat -- Let us Resist the Social


All of us signing this declaration of solidarity with Villa Amalias
Squat are aware of the fierce attack unleashed by the Greek state on
free spaces and every other expression of social/political
resistance.Villa Amalias is one of the oldest and most historical squats
in Athens/Greece, well known for its multilevel presence within the
radical movement, a place of creative fermentations, anti-commercial
cultural activities and reference point for the building of
relationships based on equality, solidarity and anti-authority.

It is not a coincidence that the Greek state has chosen this period of
intensive austerity, political scandals, generalized fear and insecurity
to attack those parts of society that resist the social cannibalism
intensified by the unbearable economic measures and expressed by the
neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn. Villa Amalias has stood for 23 years in a
neighbourhood full of natives and immigrants, promoting the values of
brotherhood and respect, and at the same time acting as a robust bulwark
against the murdering practices of the neo-Nazi gears of Greek

On Thursday, 20/12/2012, the police invaded the occupied space of Villa
Amalias, arrested 8 people and sealed the building's two entrances. The
squat remained evacuated and guarded by the riot police who continuously
entered the place at their own will, with the political coverage and
cooperation of the Municipality of Athens, therefore cancelling in
practice even the laws of bourgeois democracy. Moreover, the vast
majority of the Greek mass media was reproducing false information,
fully aligned with the government's rhetoric.

On Wednesday, 09/01/2013, a group of people managed to enter the place,
liberating the historical squat, but within two hours the state acted
repressively again, breaking into Villa Amalias with its special forces
and arresting the squatters. We demand and support the immediate release
of all those arrested, as well as the withdrawal of the police from the
free space of Villa Amalias Squat. We stand in solidarity, side by side,
with all those who choose not to kneel before the destructive onslaught
of the reactionary/fascist forces that support the policy of the IMF and
its allies in Greece, but transvalue their wishes into a paradigmatic
and decisive way of living.

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