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Apply Now! Deadline: 18 February 2013

... and please forward ...

Going beyond the boundaries of academic convention, the Theory major provides
students with an introduction to the relevant streams of political  theory,
cultural studies and aesthetics. It aims to lay the  foundations for
and theoretically versed authorship. Imbedded in the BA Media & Art at the
Zurich University of the Arts, it experiments with new forms of text and
theory production, of aesthetic and political intervention.

For detailed information go to [http://vth.zhdk.ch][1].

Coordination: Gerald Raunig, Klaus Schönberger

Vertiefung Theorie | BA Medien & Kunst

ZHdK | Förrlibuckstrasse 62 | Postfach | 8031 Zürich

Tel. (Mo, Di, Do): +41 43 446 31 94 | E-Mail:
[stefanie.lanfranconi at zhdk.ch][2]



eipcp - european institute for progressive cultural policies

a-1060 vienna, gumpendorfer strasse 63b

a-4040 linz, harruckerstrasse 7

[contact at eipcp.net][3]


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