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Subject: [artinfo] cfp for thematic residency 'Culture of permanence'

Call for participation for thematic residency 'Culture of permanence'

Arc artist residency


>From 7 till 14 April 2016 in Romainm?tier, Switzerland

Deadline for application: 2 January 2016

A thematic residency around the questions of
communal shareholding and knowledge build-up at
Arc artist residency in Romainm?tier, Switzerland.

In the second decade of the 21st century the
neoliberal model is in crisis: we live in a
society where 30 to 40 % of the population are
knowledge workers within a system that is
speculative and expresses the value of social
collaboration in a way that does not fit. That
leads us to imagining an exodus to a new
prototype: we have to create new values and
develop new ways of collaborating. Until now
philosophers have imagined a different world with
various kinds of theories, but how can we
actually change it?

One possibility of relational dynamics is the
peer-to-peer one, which is a form of communal
shareholding: people can contribute to a group
project in a horizontal way and can benefit from
the results of the collective work, without
direct individual reciprocity. Peer-to-peer is
about building up a system through contribution
from different points of view, by confronting
different disciplines with each other, in a
community of practice around a mutual goal.
Transdisciplinarity starts from the objective,
not from a single discipline. The question is
rather: who has the best methods or techniques to
better understand the objective.

By bringing together practitioners from different
fields during a week in April 2016, Arc would
like to explore how artistic strategies can be
used to address wide-ranging issues related to
peer-production and knowledge building.

The common objective during the week will be to
develop a vegetable garden at Arc. By orienting
ourselves towards permaculture - or 'culture of
permanence' - we want to look at the link between
the historical, social and biological settlement
(abbey garden, farmer garden, ecosystem) and a
new project. Can the development of a vegetable
garden contribute to novel articulations about
object oriented sociality: collaborating towards
a mutual goal, according to the principles of
anticredentialism (you don't need references or
degrees to do a specific task well) and
equipotential (everyone has the same potential to
contribute to a collective project with their
specific talent or project)? What are the social
innovations? And how can peer-production be
evolutionary and sustainable?

The residency will bring together applicants of
this open call with an invited group of experts
from different fields.

Participants are invited to contribute with their
own research and projects to the explorations and
reflections about peer-production.

This thematic residency is developed in
collaboration with the Swiss anthropologist


- The call is open to artists and practitioners
from other fields, from Switzerland and from
other places.

- Participants will be selected by a jury of arts
practitioners and experts from other fields.

- The residency will take place from 7 to 14
April 2016 at Arc artist residency, in
Romainm?tier, Switzerland.

- The language of the residency will be English.

- Besides the workshops and work space, Arc
offers travel, accommodation and food for this
thematic residency.

How to apply:

- Fill in the
form on our website (under 'NEWS' - 'Call for
thematic residency: Culture of permanence') and
send it along with a recent CV (only one pdf file
/ maximum 2 MB), a portfolio/documentation (only
one pdf file maximum 5 pages / maximum 5 MB) to
<mailto:info at arc-artistresidency.ch>info at arc-artistresidency.ch

- For videos or audio, please provide links to
your own website, Vimeo page, YouTube page, etc.
Do not attach video or audio files.

- Deadline for application: 2 January 2016

- Incomplete application forms will not be accepted!

More info on <http://www.arc-artistresidency.ch/>www.arc-artistresidency.ch

<mailto:info at arc-artistresidency.ch>info at arc-artistresidency.ch

Arc artist residency
Cour du Clo?tre 22 - Postbox 2
1323 Romainm?tier


For more information, please send an email to
<mailto:exhibitions at arch.columbia.edu>exhibitions at arch.columbia.edu.

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