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Ekaterina Degot, Vadim Zakharov (eds.): Moscow Conceptualism (2005)

"This book collects more than 150 works of twenty leading artists and
groups of
Moscow conceptual circle, including Ilya Kabakov, Andrey Monastyrsky, Komar
Melamid, Inspection Medical Hermeneutic, and many others. Many
art objects and documentations of performances are published for the first

Essays by Vadim Zakharov, Ekaterina Degot, Andrey Monastyrsky, Boris Groys,
Works [...]

Victor Tupitsyn: The Museological Unconscious: Communal (Post)Modernism in
Russia (2009)

"In The Museological Unconscious, Victor Tupitsyn views the history of
contemporary art through a distinctly Russian lens, a “communal optic” that
registers the influence of such characteristically Russian phenomena as
living, communal perception, and communal speech practices. This way of
at the subject allows him to gather together a range of artists [...]

The Art Strike Papers: The Years Without Art / Neoist Manifestos (1991)

Two works bound together back to back.

"The Art Strike Papers is a substantial collection of material produced in
response to the Art Strike 1990-93. It is made up entirely of pieces which
appeared since the publication of The Art Strike Hand­book in April 1989.
Featuring James Mannox, Stewart Home, Sadie Plant, Nik Houghton, Mr [...]

Eric A. Havelock: The Muse Learns to Write: Reflections on Orality and
from Antiquity to the Present (1986–) [EN, ES]

"When oral culture becomes literate, in what way does human consciousness
change? And how does the new form of communication affect the content and
meaning of texts? In this book, one of the most original and penetrating
thinkers in Greek studies describes the transformation from orality to
in classical times and reflects upon [...]

Christian Bök: Crystallography (1994/2003)

"Crystallography' means the study of crystals, but also, taken literally,
writing.' The book exists in the intersection of poetry and science,
the relationship between language and crystals - looking at language as a
crystal, a space in which the chaos of individual parts align to expose a
perfect formation of structure. As Bök [...]

Your Private Sky: R. Buckminster Fuller: The Art of Design Science (1999)

"'Bucky' was one of the most revolutionary technological visionaries of this
century. As an architect, engineer, entrepreneur, poet, he was a
quintessentially American, self-made man. But he was also an outsider: a
technologist with a poet's imagination who already developed theories of
environmental control in the thirties ("more with less") and anticipated the
globalization of [...]

Georges Bataille: Blue of Noon (1957–) [FR, EN, ES]

"Set against the backdrop of Europe’s slide into fascism, this
twentieth-century erotic classic takes the reader on a dark journey through
psyche of the pre-war French intelligentsia, torn between identification
the victims of history and the glamour of its victors. One of Bataille’s
overtly political works, it explores the ambiguity of sex as [...]


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