[oberlist] Search for the applicants (the project leaders and the partners) for Call for proposals EACEA 35/2017

Mariia Gonchar goncharmariia at ukr.net
Wed Dec 20 11:42:18 CET 2017

We are the cultural civic initiative launched by the members of National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and dedicated to promoting and saving endangered heritage site of the Memorial of the heroic defense of Odessa 411 coast battery, the World War II Memorial and the Memorial Park in Odessa in Ukraine eligible non-EU country.
We would like to express our interest to find the applicants (the project leaders and the partners) for Call for proposals EACEA 32/2017 – ‘Support for European cooperation projects 2018’ or EACEA 35/2017 – ‘Support for cooperation projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018’ based on Regulation No 1295/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2013 establishing the Creative Europe Programme (2014 to 2020).

We would like to invite you to send your requests in advance of the official deadline dates January 18, 2018: goncharmariia at ukr.net and to visit our blog: https://411batterymemorialpark.wordpress.com/ 

Accordingly to application guidelines definitions https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/sites/eacea-site/files/3._guidelines_coop_2018_eacea_32_2017_and_35_2017_0.pdf : 
We are a third party and/or an associated partner.

We represent the cultural and creative sectors .

We can make a contribution in kind and/or receive a bursary.
We can participate in such provided examples and/or projects' requirements : 
“Cooperation between heritage professionals, artists and cultural operators in joint projects exploring cultural heritage through contemporary perspectives, including arts installations in public spaces or innovative arts projects surrounding heritage sites, helping communities to experience, understand and enjoy their surroundings anew, while fully respecting the integrity and authenticity of the sites. Activities can comprise, for instance, re-inventing abandoned or forgotten heritage through culture and creativity, creating new stories and narratives around it in order to change how people perceive and experience it. ” "Promote  and  strengthen  the  use  of  culture  and  creativity  to  better  preserve,  present  and  interpret cultural  heritage,  capitalizing  on  the  creative  industries'  potential  to  improve  the  supply  of  cultural services through new higher added value services." "Exchanges  of  cultural  players  with  a  view  to  capacity building  enabling  cultural  players  to acquire the skills and know- how needed to adapt to their changing environment (digital shift, new  business  and  management  models,  new  approaches  to  audience  development,  helping small organizations  develop business  readiness  in applying for bank loans). This can include training sessions, workshops, the preparation of materials, websites for this purpose, etc."
"Exchanges of  cultural  players  between  countries,  including  extended  stays  and  residencies, which  will  help  artists/cultural  professionals  with  the  development  of  their  careers.  During these  stays,  the  activities  can  include  artistic  creation, including  co-creations  and  co-productions, which are then performed or exhibited and toured between different countries. As far  as  possible  they  should  also  include  training  and  activities  in  audience  development  and interaction  with  local  communities,  including  efforts  to  reach  usually  under-represented groups such as refugees."

З повагою! / Kind regards,
Марія Гончар / Mariia Gonchar,
Architect СК №30821830, Urbanist ЗВ СК №35314556, Visual and Media Artist, Member №24316 of National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
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