[oberlist] photoSynth symposium, Pécs, Hungary, 13-16th june 2018.

Kovács Balázs kovacs.balazs at pte.hu
Tue Jan 9 09:04:06 CET 2018

Dear Members of Oberlist Mailing List!

I'm going to organize a symposium for presenting, discussing self-
powered electronic sound and media art devices. For example, solar, wind
driven experimental artworks etc. It's strongly connected to find
to the current nuclear/fossilic-powered electronic arts.

The event will be hosted in Pécs, Hungary in june. I plan to organise
presentations and concerts. If You have any running projects or ideas to
present, or
simply You're interested in find the ways for self-powering your
art, welcome to contribute or participate!
infos: http://photosynth.hangfarm.hu/
Please share this info among Your community!
All the best
Balázs Kovács


Kovacs Balazs, PhD
PTE Muveszeti Kar, Media- es Alkalmazott Muveszetek Intezete
PTE Faculty of Arts, Institute for Media and Applied Arts
H-7630 Pecs, Zsolnay Vilmos u. 16.
tel/fax:+36(72)501540 / 28240 m.
e-mail: kovacs.balazs at art.pte.hu
www: http://www.art.pte.hu/media_es_alkalmazottmuveszeti_intezet/elektronikus_zene_es_mediamuveszet_alapkepzes
www: http://www.art.pte.hu/institute_media_and_applied_arts?language=en
fb: https://www.facebook.com/ezmba

Pécsi Tudományegyetem
Magyarország első egyeteme – 1367

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