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Mon Mar 22 15:36:32 CET 2021

The 4th edition of the main film event in Portugal dedicated to cinema of CEE region goes online with Moldovan participation

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

My name is Dominika and I am contacting you on behalf of BEAST International Film Festival.

Since 2017 BEAST IFF has been proving itself as the main event bringing the Central and East-European cinema landscape to Portuguese audiences. With the challenges generated by the pandemic this year's edition will be hosted in partnership with Filmin, the main independent cinema streaming platform in Portugal, from the 24th to the 28th of March.

We are happy to let you know that this year's DOC HIGHLIGHTS section will feature THE SOVIET GARDEN (2019) by Dragoș Turea, a Moldovan-Romanian co-production. Please find details of the programme and the Moldovan participation in a dedicated press release (https://hs-19522822.t.hubspotfree.net/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yk0snQW7jD9Th4JDn1FW4Qw_708f1WZPVd1B038_1tJ_dBzP8M04 ) .

Furthermore, due to the online format of the festival some of our activities, such as Q&As with filmmakers, BEAST Talks, The Mirages of Freedom and School Visit screenings will be available free of charge to the audiences worldwide through our online channels: website (https://hs-19522822.t.hubspotfree.net/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yk0snQW7jD9Th4JDn1FW4Qw_708f1WZPVd1B038_1tJ_dBzP8N04 ) , instagram (https://hs-19522822.t.hubspotfree.net/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yk0snQW7jD9Th4JDn1FW4Qw_708f1WZPVd1B038_1tJ_dBzP8P04 ) , facebook page (https://hs-19522822.t.hubspotfree.net/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yk0snQW7jD9Th4JDn1FW4Qw_708f1WZPVd1B038_1tJ_dBzP8Q04 ) and facebook event (https://hs-19522822.t.hubspotfree.net/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yk0snQW7jD9Th4JDn1FW4Qw_708f1WZPVd1B038_1tJ_dBzP8R04 ) .

Considering that, we have decided to get in touch with you - perhaps your members, subscribers or social media followers could be also interested in discovering the event? Would it be possible for you to help us spread the news across your network? As a non-profit cultural organisation we would be grateful for any form of support to our efforts and passion for promoting the cinema of the Region.

You can find all the relevant information in our press pack (https://hs-19522822.t.hubspotfree.net/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yk0snQW7jD9Th4JDn1FW4Qw_708f1WZPVd1B038_1tJ_dBzP8S04 ) , but in case you require any more materials, please let me know - I would be happy to provide it.

Warm regards,

Dominika Luśniak

Dominika Luśniak

Production / Program Assistant

BEAST - International Film Festival

Rua Igreja de Cedofeita 27

4050-306 Porto, Portugal

beastfilm.pt (https://hs-19522822.t.hubspotfree.net/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yk0snQW7jD9Th4JDn1FW4Qw_708f1WZPVd1B038_1tJ_dBzP8T04 )  /  +351 914 277 786

(https://hs-19522822.t.hubspotfree.net/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yk0snQW7jD9Th4JDn1FW4Qw_708f1WZPVd1B038_1tJ_dBzP8V04 )    (https://hs-19522822.t.hubspotfree.net/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yk0snQW7jD9Th4JDn1FW4Qw_708f1WZPVd1B038_1tJ_dBzP8W04 )

BEAST IFF, Rua Igreja de Cedofeita 27, Porto, Portugal 4050-306

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