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Dear colleagues,

we kindly invite you to contribute to the research on mobility in culture
by filling in the survey launched within the i-Portunus Houses project
<https://www.i-portunus.eu/about-the-programme-host/>. The i-Portunus
Houses project is implemented, on behalf of the European Commission, by a
consortium of partners: the European Cultural Foundation (coordinator),
MitOst and Kultura Nova Foundation. It is dedicated to testing and
analysing diverse transnational mobility schemes for the cultural sector.
Apart from the research on mobility, the i-Portunus Houses includes
granting support for local hosts (organisations or individuals) for the
mobility of artists and cultural professionals.

The research is meant to give an insight on the state-of-the-art and future
opportunities for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals and
their local hosts.

The survey is open to local hosts, artists and cultural professionals
working in arts and culture in 40 Creative Europe countries + UK and it
seeks to collect their needs, experiences, interests, motivations, and
priorities in relation to cross-border mobility.

There are two links for the survey:

   - one dedicated to artists and cultural professionals
   <https://www.questionpro.com/a/TakeSurvey?tt=8WJi5dtSlD4%3D> and
   - the other to local hosts
   (organisations and individual artists / cultural professionals).

Please take the survey which best corresponds with your status and work.

The survey is in English and on average it takes 20 minutes to fill it in.
It is open till 30 November, 2021.

The survey results will be publicly available on the i-Portunus website in

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much for your extremely valuable support!


i-Portunus Houses team
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