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contact person: Vladimir Us

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Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 11:05:54 +0100
From: Joasia <joasia la KURATOR.ORG>(by way of Andreas Broeckmann) (by
	way of	Adele Eisenstein <adele la c3.hu>)
Subject: [artinfo] 12th International Media Art Biennale WRO 07
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12th International Media Art Biennale WRO 07 Competition
16 - 20 May 2007, Wroclaw, Poland

WRO Foundation for Media Art in Wroclaw/Poland, announces an
international competition open to any work created using electronic
media techniques, exploring innovative forms of artistic communication.

The competition welcomes creators of artistic projects of diverse forms such
as screenings (video art, computer animation), installations, objects,
performances, multimedia concerts and network projects from all over the

The main prize is EUR 5000.

The deadline date for entry submission is 15.02.2007.

Presentation of shortlisted works and the international jury's announcement
of the competition results will take place during public screening at the
WRO 07 Biennale.

The competition regulations and entry form are available in downloadable
format at http://wro07.wrocenter.pl. Requests to receive the regulations and
entry form by post can be made at print la wrocenter.pl.



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Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 10:26:39 +0200
From: "FLUX la CARTES" <flux la cartes-art.fi>
Subject: [artinfo] Call for Digital Artists and New Media Filmmakers
To: flux la cartes-art.fi
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sorry for cross-posting! please feel free to forward this mail


Call for Digital Artists and New Media Filmmakers

'CARTES Flux' calls for digital artists and filmmakers to participate in
the selection for the festival of screenings. The next 'CARTES Flux'
will take place in April 2007 and is hosted by the Centre for Art and
Technology CARTES, Espoo, Finland.

The theme of your film is open but the films should have been completed
within the three previous years, 2004-2006. The focus of the selection
will concentrate on the innovative use of the digital technology
converging the subject matter. Especially non-linear and philosophical
approaches are encouraged. Preferred length is 15 mins. or shorter. The
films have to be submitted in DVD PAL.
The films with dialogue in other than English, Finnish or Swedish should
be subtitled in English.

No participation fee. You can download the submission form from
in .pdf or .doc format. Please include also a short CV and bio  + a
brief synopsis of the film to your submission.
In addition you should send your bio + a  brief synopsis of the film
together with 2-3 still images 72dpi to
flux (at) cartes-art.fi

Send your films as soon as possible, latest on 15.1. (date of postmark)
to 'CARTES Flux vol2'
CARTES Centre for Art and Technology, Espoo
02070 Espoon Kaupunki

Submissions will not be returned unless a S.A.E. is included. After the
festival all the films will be included to the educational archive of
CARTES. The copyright of the films remains with the Author in all cases.

 From this year's selection we will also make a Cartes Flux vol2
compilation DVD that introduces this screening at festivals and events
throughout the cultural, international artists and filmmakers communities.
CARTES is a non-for-profit Foundation and will not in any case utilise
your film for monetary gains.

Looking forward to seeing your film,

Maria Tjader-Knight M.A.
CARTES Centre for Art and Technology, Espoo, Finland

any questions: flux (at) cartes-art.fi


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Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 09:51:51 +0100
From: "francis_t_vj" <francis_t_vj la yahoo.com> (by way of Adele
	Eisenstein	<adele la c3.hu>)
Subject: [artinfo] DERAPAGE7 int. video festival Montreal : Call for
To: artinfo la c3.hu
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(english below)
(please send / post to your mailing list, your
friends ! svp propager sur vos listes d'envois,
vos amis !)

"êgratigne la surface des choses"

APPEL DE VIDÉOS (ouvert à TOUS!!!)

êvénement unique d'exploration audiovisuelle,
DêRAPAGE invite annuellement les gens de
diverses disciplines à créer une production
audiovisuelle non-narrative sonorisée d'une
durée de moins de trois minutes.

Les réalisations sélectionnées, soumises pour
l'événement au plus tard le 5 mars 2007,
seront présentées lors d'une grande soirée de
projection, le jeudi 12 avril, au Centre de
Design de l'UQAM.

- L'oeuvre audiovisuelle doit àtre originale et non-narrative.
- Elle doit àtre sonorisée. La trame sonore doit àtre une production
- Elle doit durer entre 30 secondes et 3 minutes.
- Tous les VIDÉOS doivent nous parvenir en
fichier QuickTime au format DV_NTSC 720 x
480 pixels, 48 Khz stéréo.

- Grand Prix Dérapage
- Meilleur Premier Film
- Meilleure Animation
- Meilleur Montage Vidéo
- Meilleure Sonorisation

- Appel de VIDÉOS : 1er décembre 2006
- Décalage, la nuit : 23 février 2007
- Deadline (Remise des VIDÉOS) : 5 mars 2007
- La grande soirée de projection Dérapage : 12 avril 2007

êcole de design de l'UQAM
1440, rue Sanguinet
Montréal (Québec) H2X 3X9
<mailto:info%40derapage.ca>info la derapage.ca



"to scratch the surface of things"

CALL FOR VIDEO (open to ALL !!!)

Unique event of audiovisual exploration, DêRAPAGE
invite each year everyone from every
field of work to create a non-narrative
audiovisual production of 3 minutes or less.

The SELECTED videos submited for the event before
march 5th 2007 will be presented
during the great derapage screening night/party
on april 12th at the Design Center of

- the video must be original and non-narrative.
- It must have sound. The soundtrack must be an original production.
- It must be between 30 secondes and 3 minutes.
- Every VIDÉOS must be submited in Quicktime DATA
format DV_NTSC 720 x 480 pixels,
48 Khz stereo.

- Dérapage Award
- Best first video
- Best Animation
- Best Video editing
- Best Sound editing

- Call for video: december 1st 2006
- Décalage, the night: feb. 23th 2007
- Deadline (to submit your video) : march 5th 2007
- The GREAT (big!) Dérapage screening night : avril 12th 2007

êcole de design de l'UQAM
1440, rue Sanguinet
Montréal (Québec) H2X 3X9
<mailto:info%40derapage.ca>info la derapage.<mailto:info%40derapage.ca>ca


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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 03:08:26 +0100 (CET)
From: "((NOMUSIC))" <nomusic la altern.org>
Subject: [artinfo] (((NOMUSIC))) Festival X
To: artinfo la lists.c3.hu
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( ( ( N O M U S I C ) ) )  F E S T I V A L  X
http://www.nomusic.org - festival la nomusic.org

-< 48 Participants >-
-< 24h Continuous Audio Streaming Festival >-
-< Realtime Simultaneous Dual Live >-
-< Audio Live Performing only via Internet >-
-< Creative Commons Audio License - No Archivz >-
-< Stream Live Audio - Double/Split Channel >-

* Stream Start :
13th December 2006 (00h00 / 00:00am) [GMT+0 Greenwich Time]
Stream End :
13th December 2006 (23h59 / 11:59pm) [GMT+0 Greenwich Time]

* Playlist & Timeline :

* With :
Tapegerm Collective / Martin John Callanan / Struktur / Simultaneous
Translation / Djet / Crashbonsai / Rod Stasick / Suzywan / DFM RTV INT /
Oima / Times Up - Tim Boykett / Jean Voguet / Cat Hope / Davidly /
Schmacke's world / Soundispatch / Jakob Riis / Soundart & the musicians /
Ieva / Flushing Device / Carl Stone / Neil Kaczor / AKM / James Wyness /
Robinsonhotel / El-g / GentleJunk co. / Sonic Kitchen / Nanofamas /
Aloardi / O.m.s. - n.m.a. / Jerome Joy / The RYBN / Bernhard Loibner /
Kaffe Matthews / Erik Minkkinen / Sun Plexus / Jon Eriksen / Arnfinn
Killingtveit / Chris F / Ra]va[ge / Androvirus / Julien Clauss / Cedric
Pigot / laboiteblanche / Carl.Y

* More infos  :
(((NOMUSIC))) started on June 2001, according to the principle that a
diffusion site on Internet should correspond to the representation of the
singular performances of a new generation of artists, musicians,
performers and other actors of the electronic scene. The creation of this
open diffusion site proved to be necessary because of today’s difficulty
to perform disembodied concerts of electronic music on stage, in a
classical frontal (actor/audience) representation space.
Nowadays, these emerging new multimedia performances allow everybody to
approach music in a more singular way, with a different listening practice
and on a more sharing scene.

Every year since 2001, (((NOMUSIC))) offers one or more festivals which
programming is geographically variable and which function is to relay in a
coordinated way a 24 hours earth revolution of no-musicians @ home. This
virtual earth revolution materializes a world wide sound cover of 24 time
zones according to the universal time [GMT 0]. This gives to participants
who are scattered all over the world the opportunity to take part in the
festival. The participation is free of charge and the recruitment is made
exclusively on Internet through diffusion lists. The selection is not made
according to practices and genres criterion but rather according to the
approaches and artistic positions which should echo the logic of the

(((NOMUSIC))) platform offers two types of live. In its classical form,
the participant plays alone at home for one hour. He can also play in
dual. Dual is a live in which two geographical sites are linked via
Internet and mixed together in stereo (participant 1 on the left channel
and participant 2 on the right one).

(((NOMUSIC))) wishes to generate improbable duals and gatherings between
two participants during one hour time in a web audio performance.
We make no storage because we think that Internet is a huge database which
conveys already a great amount of dead informations and we don’t want to
pollute it further. We are thus in favour of instant access to a selective
event. The mechanism of the programming is not automated; it is relayed
manually for 24 hours without any interruption by
laboiteblanche and Carl.Y., two real human routers who are at the service
of continuous audio stream and who endure technical difficulties and give
rapid formation on the technologies of streaming to all the

(((NOMUSIC))) stands between musical negation and anti-bruitism, in a
non-silent interstice of audio manifestation. It allows the
composer-performer to be his own auditor, in a place where nothing should
be heard but just felt as a new entity to observe.

Enjoy your flight with us !

laboiteblanche & Carl.Y

End of Artinfo Digest, Vol 46, Issue 6

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