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Mar Dec 12 03:24:20 CET 2006

Marseille, France

The Advanced Itinerant Learning Programme for Street Arts

Graduate studies 2007/2009

Within an 18-month cycle, FAI AR analyzes the principal resources that
lend themselves to performance art in public spaces. Placed at the Cité
des arts de la rue in Marseille, FAI AR has grown in a state of mobility,
between several different locations dedicated to urban art in France and
Nine question and answer days will be organized in France and Europe
before the matriculation deadline. In October 2007, fifteen individuals
from all artistic backgrounds and nationalities will take part in this
free curriculum with no age limit.

This artistic formation proceeds according to three axes: the collective
base joint courses on urban creation the scenographic object in the city,
the sound, the life, the city, verticality, an oneiric dimension...).

Each apprentice is invited to continue his own individual adventures:
Extraordinary Moments (major popular artistic events), Voluntary
Collaboration (training course within a company), Gardens to be Cultivated
(options)... Finally its personal project of creation is elaborated by the
lived experiments, the transmitted knowledge.

The training programme lasts 18 months. It must be followed from start to
finish. An excellent level in written and oral French is essential in
following this training course.

Rok prijave: 31/03/07

FAI AR, Formation Avancée et Itinérante des Arts de la Rue
La Cité des Arts de la Rue 225, avenue des Aygalad
13 015  Marseille
tel: 00 33 (0) 4 91 69 74 67

sursa: artservis

Moldova Young Artists Association "Oberliht"
tel: + (373 22) 735369
contact person: Vladimir Us

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