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Subject: [incepem] EU-Fellowship Programme »Future Urban Research in
Europe - FUTURE«
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  EU-Fellowship Program »Future Urban Research in Europe – FUTURE«
Training Program 2007 »Culture and City«

Project Coordinator: Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in co-operation with
Örebro University/Sweden; Blekinge Institute of Technology
Karlskrona/Sweden; Slovak University of Technology Bratislava/Slovak
Republic; Universidad Politécnico de Madrid/Spain, Karlskrona / Sweden
Bewerbungsschluss: 01.04.2007

"Future Urban Research in Europe - FUTURE"
 - financed by the European Union - Marie Curie Conferences and Training
Courses - FUTURE - MSCF-CT-2004-516556



Cities are one of the most relevant places to observe, understand and
influence changes in all fields of economy and society. Most inhabitants
in the European Union are living in urban areas. “Future Urban Research
in Europe” (FUTURE) therefore supports the research competencies,
networks and human potentials to meet the future challenges in the
cities of Europe.
The project will continue and bring forward the existing research on
different features of urban life in Europe. FUTURE aims at the
integration of different disciplines such as urban planning, political
science, urban design, sociology, management research, architecture,
economics, regional planning and other relevant contributing areas. The
project will result in the substantial and sustainable founding of a
network of training and exchange to prepare young scientists for the
research on the European City.

The idea of the FUTURE will be realised in four intensive training
programmes for young academics. Every training programme has a different
annual issue. The programme consists of the following elements:
• Application
• Selection by an international scientific committee
• Preparatory workshop (Issues: Ethics of Research, European Integration
and Urban Change; Methodological Training in Urban Research; Writing
Skills; Career Planning)
• Online training: Feedback from senior researchers on the draft paper
• International conference: Paper presentation
• Review of the paper
• Publication
• Certificate

The scholars are supervised by internationally well renowned scientist
with aiming knowledge exchange and the creation of a sustainable network
between the young researchers and the senior scientists.

THIS YEAR’S ISSUE: Culture and the City (2007)

The importance of the European city for the process of European
integration lies to a great deal in the cultural heritage it provides
for present urban residents and future generations. On the basis of this
strong backbone of identity, cultural heritage as well as cultural
expression will generate a place where economic, social and political
changes can be collectively faced.

The workshop and the conference will develop scientific research on:
- Culture as a factor for urban regeneration
- Culture as a strategy for social cohesion
- Culture and the creation of innovative milieus

The role of culture has been recognized by cities in order to boost
economic development by subsidies to cultural events and investment in
cultural buildings. In which way can culture provide a sustainable urban
development in ways that attract visitors and enterprise and at the same
time enhance citizens’ identity and everyday life? In what ways can
cultural and urban regeneration support social cohesion?

VENUE: Karlskrona, Sweden


WORKSHOP:      29th June – 6th July 2007
CONFERENCE:     16th – 18th November 2007


All accepted applicants will be granted a fellowship of the European
Commission which will enable the participation at the workshop and
conference (travel expenses, accommodation). FUTURE is proposed to
ensure the sound training of young researchers with regard to

• provide the profound feedback from senior researchers
• link theoretical approaches to challenges of urban life
• enable contacts to international colleagues
• improve the competencies of the young researchers
• discuss research within the framework of European policies


Scholars (graduates, post-graduates, PhD, post-PhD) from all disciplines
and all European nations can apply. The selection will be lead by an
international scientific committee. Researchers with more than 10 years
of research experiences cannot be granted. In accordance with EU
policies, FUTURE especially encourages women, disabled persons, members
of ethnic minorities and researchers from accessing countries to apply.

Please send an abstract (max. 250 words) and curriculum vitae (max. 250
words) as an e-mail attachment (word or pdf document) to:

future la uni-weimar.de
For further information about the programme and application procedure,
please visit: www.urban-future.net

Ulrike  Bucher
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Fak. Architektur; Soziologie der Globalisierung
Projekt FUTURE
Bauhausstr. 7b
99423 Weimar
future la uni-weimar.de

Homepage http://www.urban-future.net
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