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The Department for Image Sciences awarded for the first time the Rudolf
Arnheim scholarship for
the participation in the university course MediaArtHistories, MA, to the
Nigerian artist Reginald Njemanze.
The academic sculptor, who was born in 1971 in Nigeria, expects from the
participation on the
postgraduate study MediaArtHistories a more theoretical base and new
options of expressions for
his artistic production. He sees the basis of his artistic work, which is
presented more and more
as multimedia-based in the history of media art, as a logical development
of his production.

The Department for Image Science sees the scholarship - beside the support
of an ambitious
artist - as a possibility to encourage an examination of the contents with
the theories of
Rudolf Arnheim and the significance role he can play in the history of
media art.

Further information:

<=====  MediaArtHistories, MA  ===========================>

On the 13th of November the first international master’s course in Media
Art Histories started at
the Department for Image Science with students from Hungary, USA,
Switzerland, Nigeria and Austria.
The program is in English and part of the new international orientation of
the Department for Image Science.
The course allows parallel full-time employment and leads to the academic
degree Master of Arts.
It gives a review on the latest developments of media art and brings
international experts such as
Steve DIETZ, Erkki HUHTAMO, Lev MANOVICH, Christiane PAUL, Paul SERMON,
Oliver GRAU,
Edward SHANKEN, Gregor LECHNER or Jens HAUSER to Krems.

On-site modules alternate with online learning, supported by online
databases and other contemporary
teaching methods. The courses aim is the professional teaching of media
culture of recent time, to
integrate it in our institutions and to develop strategies against its
imminent loss. The modular
structure of the program offers the possibility for prospective students
to ENROLL in the
COURSE AT MORE THAN ONE POINT in the curriculum.

Artists and programmers give new insights into the latest and most
controversial software,
interface developments and their interdisciplinary and intercultural
praxis. Keywords are:
Strategies of Interaction & Interface Design, Social Software, Immersion &
Emotion, and
Artistic Invention. Using online databases and other modern aids,
knowledge of computer
animation, net art, interactive, telematic and genetic art as well as the
most recent reflections
on bio & nano art, CAVE installations, augmented reality and locative
media are introduced.

Historical derivations that go far back into art and media history are
tied in intriguing ways
to digital art.  Key approaches and methods from Image Science, Media
Archaeology and
the History of Science & Technology will be discussed. Media Art History
offers a basis for
understanding evolutionary history of audiovisual media, from the Laterna
Magica to the
Panorama, Phantasmagoria, Film, and the Virtual Art of recent decades.

Further information about the courses and application:


The Department for Image Science of the Danube University Krems opened an
scholarship for the post graduate course MediaArtHistories, MA.

:: Interface Design and Future Applications Scholarship

This scholarship appeals to participants who are interested in research in
the area of Interface Design.

Applications for the scholarships may be sent untill Febuary 15, 2007 in
German or English.
In order to support the regional cultural scene, artists from Lower
Austria are especially invited
to apply. Awarding of the scholarship is dependent on acceptance and
enrollment in the MA course.

Next start of MediaArtHistories is May 18, 2007.  Course enrollment is

Further information:


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Subject: [spectre] The Postmodern School for Research in Culture
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The Postmodern School for Research in Culture

 Online Graduate Program in Cultural Theory and Criticism


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