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Résidences : 2 Residency Opportunities - National and International
artists working in all media, Allenheads Contemporary Arts, Allenheads,
Royaume Uni.
2 Residency Opportunities


'The properties of elements often reflect the properties of life itself -
volatile, inert, lustrous, precious, brittle
' Primo Levi


Allenheads Contemporary Arts (ACA) would like to receive proposals from
artists interested in following a line of research into the earth's base
elements. The project aims to explore in broad terms, how we comprehend
and relate to the matter of our planet.

Artists will be able to invite a collaborator from any field of the arts
or sciences, to bring their knowledge and experience to the project.

These 2 residencies are the first in the Base Elements series, which will
collectively present a broad picture of our complex relationship with
planet earth. It is planned that the series will culminate in a
conference, exhibition and publication.

Each residency is for a flexible period of up to 3 months taking place
between May and December 2007.

Artist's fee £1800 pcm + travel, accommodation, studio and production

Application deadline April 18th 2007

FURTHER INFORMATION on the Base Elements residencies

Deadline for applications is Wed 18th April 2007.
Selections will take place during the week beginning April 23rd.
Each residency is for up to 3 months and can take place between
9th May - December 2007.
The residency period can be approached in a flexible manner. For example,
1x3 month stay or several shorter stays.

The artist will be paid a fee of £1800 pcm.
This includes subsistence and some working materials costs.
Expenses for 1 economy return trip from the artist's home to Allenheads
will be provided. Additional travel costs will be the responsibility of
the artist.
A budget will be available towards materials for production, presentation
and distribution of the artists work. This will be negotiated during the

The Base Elements programme has a budget to cover the expenses of working
with a collaborator. (Fee's, travel expenses etc.)
The artist may nominate a collaborator in his/her proposal, or work with
ACA's help to seek the most appropriate person for their research.

Extended Programme
Artists will be expected to contribute to ACA's extended arts and
education programme that may involve local and international audiences.
This could be in the form of meetings, talks, presentations, exhibitions,
publications, archival documentation etc. The nature of this contribution
will be discussed during the residency to ensure it is appropriate to both
artist and host venue.

Facilities at ACA

· Large open and versatile studio (10x10m)
· Access to workshop and digital studio for DVD editing and production
· DVD presentation with high quality projection and surround sound PA system
· Internet and TV for research purposes
· Basic comfortable private accommodation with bathroom and shower facilities
· Fully equipped self catering kitchen

About ACA
ACA is an independent contemporary Arts venue established in 1995 by Helen
Ratcliffe and Alan Smith. Over the last 11 years it has commissioned,
presented and distributed a diverse collection of innovative work by
national and international artists. It is situated in the North Pennines
in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and at 1540 feet is
England's highest village and is at the geographical centre of Britain.
While based in a small rural village, its scope of interest and resources
is much broader, connecting the local community and environment with
geographical, political, personal and cultural concerns globally. Please
visit ACA's other web pages for more information www.acart.org.uk

Allenheads village is accessible by car or by a train and bus connection.
While artists entering this rural setting will need to demonstrate a
personal desire and willingness to work in a remote area, their social,
professional and creative networks will by no means be isolated.

Resident artists are treated as part of Alan and Helen's extended family
often sharing meals and leisure time. Artists have their own private
quarters for sleeping, cooking and working and there is an open policy
that respects the need for both privacy and companionship. Allenheads has
a welcoming community with a pub, café, heritage centre. Alan and Helen
work and live in the building with their two young children.
Professionally and socially they have regular contact with many regional
and national artists and curators with whom they share ongoing projects
and interests.

Please send:
· Written proposal (max 1 x A4 page) outling:
- Brief statement relating to recent work
- Line of research you are interested in pursuing at ACA
- Choice of collaborator (specific names not required at this stage)
- How you envisage this residency impacting on your work
· A current CV (max.2 pages)
· Visual material supporting your proposal:
- Slides (max 10. Clearly labeled - including your name!)
- CD-R (max 10 images. JPEG Format. 72 dpi)
- DVD Show-reel (max 5 mins)
- If relevant, details of web address
· An indication of your preferred dates and working schedule.
· The contact details of a referee who we may contact during the selection
· If you would like your material returned, please enclose a SAE with full

Please send applications by post to:
Allenheads Contemporary Arts, The Old School House, Allenheads, Hexham,
Northumberland, NE47 9HR, UK
Any enquiries may be sent by email to helenheads la aol.com but please
do not send any application material via email

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