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Subject: [Rezone] Transitions Online - Summer Journalism & Media Courses,
July 2007, Prague, Czech Republic
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Transitions Online - Summer Journalism & Media Courses, July 2007, Prague,
Czech Republic
Application deadline: April 1, 2007 (early application)

TOL (Transitions Online) is pleased to announce its summer journalism and
media training courses. All the courses will be held in Prague in July
2007 and feature training from highly-experienced journalists and media

Investigative Journalism, July 21-30
This 10-day course covers everything from investigative methodology and
tactics to interviewing skills, writing the story and adapting it for
multiple media. The course will be led by Mark Schapiro, editorial
director of the Center for Investigative Journalism.

Foreign Correspondent Training Course, July 21-30
A highly-popular 10-day course featuring practical training and advice
from experienced foreign correspondents. Last summer participants came
from 22 countries to be trained by journalists who have contributed to
internationally-respected media outlets such as the BBC, The Economist,
Newsweek, The Independent and The Boston Globe.

New Media Essentials, July 8-13
Everything you need to know about online media � including podcasting,
RSS feeds, blogging and online promotion. This new five-day course
features a mixture of practical training and roundtable discussions on
current and future media trends. The course will be led by Evgeny Morozov,
who has written commentaries on new media, politics and society for
publications such as The International Herald Tribune and Le Monde.

A limited number of half-scholarships are available to participants from
Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria,
Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro,
Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan,
Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
More information
Website: http://journalism-courses.tol.org
E-mail: zhmakos la tol.org (Sergei Zhmako)

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