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 Culturelink Newsletter Special Issue / April 2007

 Dear friends, dear colleagues,The Culturelink Network is happy to
announce itsInternational Symposium onVirtual Culture and Its Impact on
Cultural Tourism: Experiences from South-East Europeto be held in Zagreb,
Croatia, on 14 - 15 June 2007.The symposium will present research studies
and best practice examples of cases that confirm the significant role the
virtual presence of cultural institutions and organizations plays and the
impact it has on cultural tourism. It will gather cultural practitioners
and experts from South-East Europe, offering a unique opportunity to gain
insight into concrete data about the impact of cultural institutions' /
organizations' web sites on the cultural tourism market, and to exchange
experiences and enhance working practices.Preliminary research into sales
reports of cultural institutions shows that Internet sales have been
growing rapidly, even taking over 'traditional' (box-office) sales, but
also that they have a growing and strong impact on attracting the
cultural tourism market. The objectives of the symposium are to gain
insight into the current situation in the SEE region, and to prepare the
ground for joint research in the region, based on a common
methodology.For details of the symposium and all the information to come,
please consult the Culturelink Network website at
www.culturelink.org/conf/tourism02/index.html.You may register for this
meeting online at www.culturelink.org/conf/tourism02/tourism02reg.html.
For all additional information, please contact Daniela Angelina Jelincic
at daniela la irmo.hr.Mark your agenda for the International Symposium on
Virtual Culture and Its Impact on Cultural Tourism: Experiences from
South-East Europe, on 14 - 15 June 2007 in Zagreb, Croatia. We are
looking forward to seeing you there!The Culturelink Team

 &copy; 2007 Culturelink, Network of Networks for Research and Cooperation
in Cultural Development

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