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Sâm Mai 5 23:06:22 CEST 2007

München, Germany

perioada: 18. – 20. 05. 2007

Discovery Campus e.V.
Masterschool 2007 - 2nd Symposium

Develop your documentary project for an international audience


The Discovery Campus Masterschool, a European masterclass in project
development of documentary films for an international audience, forms the
central core of our training initiative. It offers professionals and
talented up-and-coming filmmakers a unique opportunity to find their way
into the international non-fiction market. Under the aegis of the
Discovery Campus Masterschool, which makes a call for submissions once a
year, up to 15 European authors and directors develop their documentaries.

The projects developed in the Masterschool appeal to viewers with
different backgrounds from various cultures and are thus suitable for
broadcasters in several countries. The range of genres encompasses all
kinds of creative documentaries including wildlife and nature, foreign
worlds, history, portraits and science. All non-fiction formats that are
internationally distributed are supported.

The four workshops provide good insights into the whole process of setting
up international coproductions. Through first-class tuition and one-to-one
access to renowned professionals, they offer creative and practical
support for every phase in the development of a project for the
international market:
Story Development and Scriptwriting
International Coproduction and Financing
Distribution and Marketing
Project Presentation and Pitching

In addition, Masterschool participants have the opportunity to complete an
internship with an international production or distribution company in
their field of interest. Through contact with current projects and
productions, participants obtain an insight into the multinational
strategies of enterprises, visit programme fairs and gain practical
experience vital for their future work.

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Discovery Campus e.V.
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