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London, U.K.

Camberwell College of Arts
New MA Programme

Theory and Practice of Transnational Art

University of the Arts London Research Centre for Transnational Art,
Identity and Nation (TrAIN) is a forum for historical, theoretical and
practice-based research in architecture, art, communication, craft and
design. The MA, which is run by the Research Centre, will focus on
questioning the nature of culture, tradition and authenticity with regard
to relationships between the local and the global.
Central to the MA is the impact of identity on the production and
consumption of artworks and artefacts, through an understanding of their
impact on the practice, history and pedagogy of art and design.Individual
study is complemented by lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops
designed to help you develop wider contextual understanding, research
skills and awareness of professional issues.

Lectures and seminars will be organised under general themes including:
Exhibiting the Nation; Identity, Authenticity and Material; Migration and
the Context of the Transnational. A final series on Methodologies of the
Transnational provides the necessary tools for the production of your
final submission. Whilst the core elements are delivered at the TrAIN
Centre, you will also be able to take components from existing
college-based programmes relevant to your project proposal.

Aseries of museum and gallery visits will be an integral part of the
course with related assignments focusing on reviews and critiques of
curatorial practices. Additionally, students will be expected to follow
the Centre's open lecture series delivered by scholars, artists and
curators. MA students will therefore be offered lively forum for
discussion that includes the Centre's PhD and associate student

The MA is a qualification in itself, but also prepares you for further
research at MPhil and PhD level and thus future academic careers. The
historical / theoretical path will prepare you for careers within museums,
galleries or other related institutions, while the practice path will
provide a solid contextual and conceptual understanding of the production
of art that, beyond informing one's own practice, will benefit those
inclined towards pedagogy.

Interviews for Camberwell postgraduate courses take place throughout the
year but applicants should note that funding bodies have a variety of
deadlines and therefore we recommend that you do not delay in submitting
an application to ensure that your application can be processed and an
interview arranged. We respond to applications as quickly as possible but
with it is important that you allow adequate time for an interview date to
be arranged and a decision made.

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Camberwell College of Arts
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SE5 8UF London
tel: 020 7514 6302
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