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Lun Iul 2 00:58:33 CEST 2007

'Best German Dance Solo' (open to all nationalities), Leipzig - deadline
30 Sept

Invitation to the competition - "Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo" ("Best
German Dance Solo") in line with the 17th euro-scene Leipzig

The euro-scene Leipzig, festival of contemporary European theatre and
dance, calls anew for the submission of entries to the competition "Das
beste deutsche Tanzsolo" ("Best German Dance Solo").

Based on a conception of Alain Platel, Ghent, the popular competition will
be held for the 8th time within the euro-scene Leipzig that will take
place from 06 to 11 November.

Anyone may apply, whether professional and amateur, with a solo of 5
minutes length. "Sought-after are charisma, individuality and power of
persuasion", says festival director Ann-Elisabeth Wolff. "Style, age or
nationality are irrelevant." It is expressly encouraged to submit entries
even with unique dance creations and unconventional interpretations!

Following an internal pre-selection the dancers will face up to the
audience and the jury consisting of 5 members on a round table of 7 m
diameter. The artistic direction is in the hands of René Reinhardt,
Leipzig. The first three winners will be awarded prize moneys between EUR
3,500.00 and EUR 1,500.00. Additionally, there will be a prize of the

Closing date is 30.09.2007

Brief curriculum vitae and description of the solo should be sent to:
euro-scene Leipzig, attn. Kati Thiel, Gottschedstr. 16, 04109 Leipzig,
phone +49-341-212 67 66, info la euro-scene.de / http://www.euro-scene.de

This text and photos to the competition may also be found under

OTM note: NB. this is an international competition which is open to any
dancer of any nationality, with NO restrictions in terms of where you live
or what style of dance. The title 'Best German Dance Solo' refers to the
place where the competition takes place.

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