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Akiyoshidai International Art Village Residence Support Program /


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Dear Artists and Colleagues,

Hello, I hope everything goes well with you.

We've just released our open call for this academic year in Japan.

Have a look and consider your apply or forward to somebody who might have a
interested in.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any further questions.

thank you for your interests.

with the best regards,

machiko harada / curator, AIAV

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Dear Artists and Colleagues,

Akiyoshidai International Art Village is an art institution run by the
Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan.

We've run an International Artist in Residency Program since we were
established in 1998 as one of the pioneer artist residency institutions in

We're pleased to announce the call for applications for our
“trans_2007-2008; International Artist in Residence Support Program.”

The aim of“trans_2007-2008 Residence Support Program” is to support young
artists’ experimental artistic activities, particularly those that venture
beyond the borders of art disciplines and nationalities.  Residents will be
carefully selected by the Selection Committee of the Residence Program of
Akiyoshidai International Art Village.  We strongly hope that resident
artists will actively tackle many different kinds of projects. Because of
the “trans” is a primarily a project oriented artist-in-residence
AIAV curators will endeavor to assist artists with the completion of their
projects. For instance, we could assist in coordinating workshops, lectures,
school visits, exhibitions, and so on.  Resident artists will submit a
proposal to realize such projects.


â—ŹResidence Period

January 10 - March 20, 2008[70days]

â—ŹAcceptable applicants

○Young and emerging artists ※[no limitations on discipline or specific

â—ŹConditions for application

â—‹Artists who are able to stay at the AIAV for the designated period of

â—‹Artists who are willing to cooperate with our community projects, such as
lectures, workshops, school visits, and exhibitions.

â—‹Artists who are able to speak English.

â—‹Artists who are willing to cooperate with the publicity efforts of AIAV
and participate in the documentation of their working process.

â—‹Artists who are willing to participate in the education programming with
the Art University in Yamaguchi, and  other local schools.


â—‹Roundtrip transportation fee to the AIAV. (The fare will be calculated
based on the standard set by AIAV.)

â—‹Accommodation in AIAV[Western/Japanese style; a part of the Western style
room has a mini kitchen.]

â—‹Studio[There are various types of studios. The allocation of studio is
decided by the Selection Committee.]

â—‹Expenses for creative activities = 230,000 yen(individual) / 280,000
yen(group)    * This amount  will be assessed according to financial
situation of the institution.

â—‹Per diem = 2,800 yen x day  ** This amount will be assessed according to
financial situation of the institution.

â—‹Accident insurance.  [This is for basic injury, so prepare your own
insurance for other kinds of coverage.]

â—ŹHow to apply

â—‹Applicants should make a photocopy of the attached application form or
reproduce the same form and fill in the required details.

(Form is downloadable at http://www.aiav.jp)

â—‹Attach your CV in English (a typed detailed profile) and enclose the
items that explain your work (See the application sheet).

â—‹If you have publications about your work, please attach them.

*Please understand that the items you submit will be kept in the village and
cannot be returned.

*We will not accept the application via e-mail / telephone / FAX


â—‹Applications must be received by 20th September, 2007 [date]


Results will be announced in the beginning of November, 2007

â—‹The results will be given to all the applicants. A total of 3 artists will
be selected.

â—ŹApplications & Inquiries should be addressed to

Akiyoshidai International Art Village Residence Program:Trans_2007-2008

50 Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine-gun, Yamaguchi  754-0511 Japan

TEL +81-(0)837-63-0020  FAX +81-(0)837-63-0021

e-mail:trans2007 la aiav.jp URL:http://www.aiav.jp ※Application
are downloadable


Organized by = Akiyoshidai International Art Village

Supported by = Yamaguchi Prefecture, The Yamaguchi Board of Education,

               Shuho Town, Shuho Town Board of Education, Mito Town,

               Mito Town Board of Education,

               Mine City, Mine City Board of Education

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