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From: "Asociatia 2580" <info la 2580association.info>
Subject: [Nettime-ro] Workshop: Interactive spaces - Claudia Robles - Casa
Matei, Cluj

*directed by Claudia Robles - artist in residence at ZKM, Karlsruhe,

 *Art and Design University Cluj, Romania

*Casa Matei – Sala Mare.*

*str. Matei Corvin, nr.3, Cluj.*

 *Works presentation: **Saturday, 13**th** of October 2007 from 10:30**.*

*Workshop: **Monday, 15**th** of October and Tuesday, **16**th** **of
October from 10:00 to 13:00**.*

 *How the role of the artwork visitor has changed as he became a performer?*

*How can we create spaces that interact with the performers / visitors?*

 The aim of this workshop is to reflect on *Interactivity*, on the
interaction between man and machines, on the interaction between data space
and physical space. During the workshop, we will try to create an
interactive audiovisual stage or installation where every participant would
be charged with one part of the construction. The interdisciplinary working
group can be integrated by students interested in different disciplines such
as theater, electronic music, video, etc.

The workshop will allows students to have an approach of the
constituent elements
of the process that create an interactive audiovisual work. Such elements
can be: *Capture*, *Transformation*, *Projection* of data through the
electronic devices and in active relationship with the human being.



   Capture of data, visual and sound material.

   Digitalization and programming of the effects in real time

   Interactivity. Interfaces. Installation.

*Claudia Robles. *Born in 1967 in Bogotá, Columbia. Claudia graduated in
1990 from the J. Tadeo Lozano University of Arts in Bogota. After the
graduation, she followed other studies in the field of the animated films in
Italy, as well as in the field of electronic composition in
Folkwang-Hochschule in Essen, Germany and a Master of degree in Media Mix in
Ecole Supérieure d'Art Visuel in Geneva. For her sound and image composition
„Bewegung in Silber" (Silver Movement), she received the 2nd prize of the
„Hören und sehen" (Hear and see) competition, organised by
*Institut für Neue Musik* <http://www.neue-musik.org/> of Darmstadt. She
took part to various group and solo exhibitions namely in Bauhaus-archiv
Museum für Gestaltung Berlin (2003), in Goethe Institute Bogota (1999), and
in *Bauhaus Dessau* <http://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/> (2002 et 2001). Since
2004, she has been working as an artist-in-residence of the ZKM (Art and
Technology Media Centre) in Karlsruhe. In May 2005, she presented her work *
and image installation / butoh performance with live electronics) in
solo exhibition.

*The event is organized by 2580 Association (Cluj) in collaboration with
German Cultural Center Cluj and Art and Design University Cluj.*


*Due to a limited number of places, please register at:
info la 2580association.info <Info la 2580association.info>*

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