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Subject: [spectre] Call for artists

> From: "bszechy" <bszechy la yahoo.com>

>  Call for artists
>  The Hungarian Multicultural Center, AIR-Hungary program is an
> international meeting
>  point for the arts.
>  Its aim is to support and encourage contemporaryartistic creation,
> research and debate.
>  One of HMC's main activities is its Artist in Residence Program. The
> purpose of this
>  program is to offer a platform to promote the exchange of artistic
> discourses from artists
>  with different artistic backgrounds and from different geographical
> origins. The program
>  is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas in order to broaden
> creative horizons. By
>  encouraging this cultural diversity, we also hope to be able to
> update the debate between
>  the artists themselves and between other professionals from the art
> world and the general
>  public. HMC considers art as a dynamic social force that is capable
> of inspiring
>  individuality and of defining groups. Our Artist in Residence Program
> also includes
>  exhibitions, artist talks, film, workshops and other activities. HMC
> is  planning and
>  exchange program with other European  Artist in Residence Program, so
> that  the resident
>  artists would be able to get in touch with other artistic centers.
>  For application form or questions regarding the International Artist
> Residency
>  please write to bszechy la yahoo.com

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