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Subject: [openremont] YouthArt MultiFest (Serbia, 2008)
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YouthArt MultiFest (Serbia, 2008)- Art without borders.

Deadline for submissions: November 15th 2007

YouthArt MultiFest 2008 to be held in Pancevo (Serbia), in May 2008,
will be dedicated to the theme «Art without borders». It is inclined to
art medias such as performance and video art. Festival is dedicated to
young artists, up to 35 years old. YouthArt Multifest essentially wants
to present the idea of different art media crossovers and to make a
connection between young artists without prejudice concerning
nationality and race. The most important part of the festival is its
international character where domestic audience will be introduced with
contemporary multimedia art, especially with performance art. Festival
wants to make connection in-between young people, so that they could
learn from each other's experiences and make lasting relationships
through mutual collaboration.
Deadline for submissions: 15 November 2007.


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