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Subject: [curatorial.net] FW: Liminal Screen Co-Production Residency
From:    "Joasia" <joasia la kurator.org>
Date:    Sat, November 3, 2007 21:27
To:      "Curatorial Network" <curatorial la curatorial.net>

Dear List, I have been asked to forward this information on Co-Production
Residency Opportunity at the Banff New Media Institute. More details and the
link below. Please forward to anyone interested.

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Subject: Liminal Screen Co-Production Residency Opportunity FWD

4-week video-based group residency at the Banff New Media Institute, march


Deadline for applications - November 22
Confirmation of places  approx within a  week from the application deadline
(to allow participants maximum time to fundraise for the still significant
segment of costs not covered by the Banff Centre)

Residency is very well resourced in terms of equipment and technical
support. Would suit an ambitious or experimental video-related project
research and/or production.

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