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Intercultural Dialogue in Bulgaria and S/E Europe

'New Dimensions of the Intercultural Dialogue in Bulgaria and South-East

15 & 16 November 2007, Sofia, Bulgaria

The conference has several goals. It aims at identifying clearly all
relevant cultural actors and cultural policy makers of the region. Also,
experts from the field, cultural operators and policy makers will analyse
the current situation of the cultural sector of the region and tackle the
topics which are at stake in this complex political and cultural setting.

For the organisers this conference is a meaningfull contribution to the
European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008. The outcomes should feed in
the recommendations for the cultural policy makers and allow a
differentiated understanding of the cultural sector of the region, its'
possibilities and the challenges it faces in the current setting.

The conference will also focus on practical aspects of the stimulation of
the intercultural dialogue, the establishment of policies for cultural
interaction, and the stimulation of dialogue on cultural diversity.

The conference is organised by the Bulgarian Forum of the European
Cultural Foundation. This conference is one of their actions to contribute
to the impact and effectiveness of the European Year of Intercultural
Dialogue and ensure it as a legacy. The Forum acts very much in line and
actively contributes to our partner initiative the Civil Society Platform
for Intercultural Dialogue.


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