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Subject: [artinfo] The Mirror Stage

The Mirror Stage: Call for Videos

NeMe and Lanitis Foundation are currently seeking video submissions for
"The Mirror Stage", an international event to take place at the Lanitis
Foundation, Limassol, Cyprus on 17-28 September 2008.


(The mirror stage) illustrates the conflictual nature of the dual
relationship [between the Ego and the body

Jacques Lacan

The stage is a mirror for all of human experience.

Hung Hung


The Mirror Stage is the deliberately ambiguous title and starting point
for this event which aims to explore the condition of contemporary
art-video production, both technically and conceptually.

The exhibition will focus on:

* the dual nature of video as a documentary medium and as tool for
creative expression.
* its inherent conflictual relationship between its body (to record)
and its ego (to create)

The event will examine the question of video integrity and authorship
in an age of deceptive and ambivalent mass media coverage.
We will favour experimental videos using narrative and non-narrative

NeMe is currently accepting video submissions as follows:

* maximum duration: 15 minutes
* Submission formats: .mov, .avi, .mpg2, miniDV (PAL)
* submissions deadline: 20 February 2008
* Please read the complete call and requirements on

We look forward to seeing your work!


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