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PRIX MÖBIUS NORDICA 2008 aicina pieteikt konkursam digitalas makslas
darbus lidz 2008. gada 18. janvarim.

Digitalo mediju konkurss  PRIX MÖBIUS NORDICA notiks 2008. gada 12.
marta KIASMA laikmetigas makslas muzeja Helsinkos Pixelache festivala
ietvaros. Daliba konkursa ir bez maksas.

Piedalieties un padodiet talak!

www.prixmobiusnordica.net - informacija un pieteikuma formas.

Šis digitalo mediju kulturas konkurss aicina pieteikt interaktivus un
inovativus, ar kulturu saistitus makslas darbus, kas izveidoti 2006.
un 2007. gada un kuru autori dzivo un srada Ziemelu valstis, Igaunija,
Latvija vai Lietuva.


The digital media culture competition PRIX MÖBIUS NORDICA takes place
on March the 12th 2008 at KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art in
Helsinki, during the Pixelache festival. The competition is free of
charge for the participants and the audience.

Participate and distribute this call!

Please visit www.prixmobiusnordica.net (new address!) for submission
guidelines and entry forms.

Prix Möbius Nordica 2008 is open for interactive and innovative
culture-oriented productions, products or artworks that have been
published or completed in 2006 and 2007, and created by authors based
in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Possible formats of the
productions and works are for example Internet, CD ROM, DVD, or
wireless network. The organizers also welcome productions utilizing
new platforms (e.g. digital television) or new genres (e.g. VJs,
virtual communities, software art).

All submitted works should meet high quality production standards,
quality of audiovisual appearance and user-interface design, as well
as general technical competence. Company presentations, or
presentations of the use of technical platforms are not included in
the competition.

The winners of the Nordic competition, taking place in Finland, will
participate in the international competition PRIX MÖBIUS INTERNATIONAL
2008 held in Paris, France.

Deadline for submission: Friday, January 18th, 2008.

The goals of PRIX MÖBIUS NORDICA are to:

* support media culture production of the Nordic and Baltic regions
and advance their collaboration and international recognition
* clarify quality standards and give an overview of the status and
development of media culture
* create networks for actors within the sector (authors, artists,
producers, distributors), as well as researchers and students
* create networks & new forms of collaboration between universities
and media labs
* introduce experimental practices emerging within the field of media culture
* encourage the completion of productions, and enhance their
distribution possibilities

Organisation: 8th Prix Möbius Nordica is organized by Medeia Ltd, in
co-operation with the Pixelache festival (www.pixelache.ac).

Partners: KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma Theatre, Ministry
of Education, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, AVEK - The Promotion
Centre for Audiovisual Culture, Centre Culturel Franēais, FRAME -
Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, Media Centre LUME, and Media Lab of the
University of Art and Design, Helsinki.

Additional information: www.prixmobiusnordica.net
Hemmo Hytönen, Coordinator:
E-mail: info (a) prixmobiusnordica.net
Gsm: (+358) 40 546 1585
Marita Liulia, Director:
E-mail: marita (a) maritaliulia.com

MEDEIA Oy, Luotsikatu 11 A 5, 00160 Helsinki, Finland.
info (a) prixmobiusnordica.net

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