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Subject: [curatorial.net] Call for Papers - Networks of Design
From:    "Hackney, Fiona" <fhackney la falmouth.ac.uk>
Date:    Wed, November 21, 2007 18:13
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I am a new member to this list, and would like to make other members
aware of the conference Networks of Design which is being hosted at
University College Falmouth 3-6 September 2008. For more information
about the conference and 'call for papers' please visit the conference
web site below.

best wishes


Networks of Design 2008 Conference of the Design History Society

University College Falmouth, UK

September 3rd - 6th 2008

The theme Networks of Design responds to recent academic interest in the
fields of design, technology, humanities and the social sciences in the
'networks' of interactions within processes of knowledge formation. The
interest in networks emerges from actor-network theory (ANT) and the
work of, among others, the social theorist Bruno Latour who, along with
the international designer and Droog collaborator Jurgen Bey, and Jeremy
Myerson, director of research and innovation at the Royal College of
art, is a keynote speaker at the conference.

Studying networks foregrounds infrastructure, negotiations, processes,
strategies of interconnection, and the heterogeneous relationships
between people and things. Within the wider context of post-modernism,
it seems, we are experiencing a paradigm shift in design history and
visual culture, and this conference offers an opportunity to address,
explore and assess that shift, providing a platform for international
debate and exchange.

Networks can include people, social groups, artefacts, devices, entities
and ideas. Papers will be organised around five broad themes:

Networks of People including collectives and individuals
Networks of Texts including images, documents, databases
Networks of Technology including mechanical and virtual technologies
Networks of Things including material and technological artefacts
Networks of ideas including theories, disciplines and concepts (among
them design history and ANT)

Proposals for papers are welcome from individuals and/or panels (of not
more than three papers). Please visit the web site:
http://www.networksofdesign.co.uk or email Fiona Hackney at
networksofdesign la falmouth.ac.uk.

Submission deadline: 25th February 2008

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