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Fira Tàrrega Teatre al Carrer, Spain, Sept 2008 (deadline: 15 Feb)

FiraTàrrega is the most important international market of the performing
arts in southern Europe, that is held every year on the second weekend in

FiraTàrrega is an event for the exhibition and buying and selling of
spectacles and, at the same time, an annual forum for contacts, exchanges
and diffusion between professionals in the field. Artists, institutions,
companies, networks, together with a huge very participative audience come
together every year in Tàrrega to show and get to know the most recent
creations in the performing arts.

Proposals 2008
The professional companies and artists interested in participating in
FiraTàrrega must send their artistic proposals (dossier, DVD, technical
details & contact) until the 15th of February. In the case of as yet
unperformed spectacles the staging project should be included.

The postal adress for these documents is:
Artistic Direction
Pl. St. Antoni, 1
25300 Tàrrega
Tel. +34 973 310 854

More information: http://www.firatarrega.com/english/contacte.html
Participation conditions: Call for participation

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