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Lun Dec 24 21:42:40 CET 2007

Bochum, Germany
Datum dogodka: 2008

International Videofestival Bochum
18th International Videofestival Bochum

Call for Video artists and enthusiasts!

>From the 29th to the 31st of May 2008, the festival will be THE event of
the year in terms of “international video art”, which will take place in
the time-honoured halls of the “Musisches Zentrum” (the centre of fine
arts at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum).
Giving the medium of video its own platform eighteen years ago really
turned out to be a good idea. The Video Festival has artists from all over
the world, and their joy of innovation in making diverse videos becomes
apparent to everyone who attends.

Again, one main focus at the festival will be the VJ art. Of course most
people only know the VJ as the guy who usually assists the music DJ at the
club, but the Video Festival in Bochum brings these VJ artists to centre

Furthermore, the short videos, which are allowed up to a length of 35
minutes, can be in experimental, narrative or documentary style.

Here there are limitless boundaries to what your artistic imagination can
bring to the festival.

Send your video together with the entry-form.

Forma Aplicativa:

data limita: 03/02/08

International Videofestival Bochum
universitätsstr. 150_ büro 008/asta-gebäude
d-44780 Bochum
tel: +49 {0} 234 - 3226902
contact la videofestival.org

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