[Oberlist] BA* 6. FESTIVAL KRATKOG FILMA MOSTAR 2008: open for short film of all genres

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Joi Feb 14 20:52:51 CET 2008

Mostar, BIH
Datum dogodka: 17.-21. jun. 2008

Mladi Most Film Klub

open for short film of all genres

The main goal of the festival is a combination of socio-cultural
engagement on the regional and local level through the form of Short Film
as a special form of artistic expression.
As a cultural engagement, the project intends to contribute to the
cultural development of Mostar (maintaining a long-term and qualitative
event), to offer the local audiences diversity in culture (educating
people to higher level and different kinds of arts), to create an occasion
for people of different backgrounds to meet and exchange (artists and
audience from all over ex-Yu and Europe), to empower youth culture in the
region (supporting young authors in their production and distribution) and
to raise the awareness of the public and institutions about social issues
(through content of films and thematic nights) and to promote the short
film as a genre that provides a large diversity of production, techniques,
forms, ideas and emotions.

The festival consists of 5 parts:

• Regional competition program
• Presentations of productions by European film academies
• Retrospective (presentations of European short film festivals, archives
of the National Film Library, and in house productions
• Film workshops
• Off Program (film-koncerts, DJ/VJ parties, thematic evenings, etc

The festival is open for short film of all genres (documentary,
experimental, fiction, animation...) from independent and student authors
from around the region.

Entering your film in competition:
• Films which will be presented at the festival may be in the following
formats: 35mm, 16mm, Beta, DV-cam, mini-DV, DVD.
• Accepted films do not need to be shown for the first time at the festival
• Work will not be accepted if older than 2 years
• Length of the film must be no longer than 35 min
• Work must be submitted by the deadline of 15.04.2008.
• All authors chosen to have work presented will be informed by the date
of 15.05.2008.

The following needs to be sent via email or regular mail for entry to the
• completed application (all information, 2 pages)
• copy of the film (DVD, mini-DV ili DV-cam)
• dialogue list (if the film is not already subtitled in English)
• still photograph of the film, 300 dpi
requirements are repeated at the beginning of the entry form

data limita: 15/04/08

Festival Kratkog Filma Mostar
Aline Cateux
OKC Abraševiæ / Alekse Šantiæa 25
88 000 Mostar
Bosnia i Hercegovina
tel: +387 36 566 237, ++ 387 62 247 183
mostarfilmklub la gmail.com

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