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Subject: [artbox] Call for submissions VIDEOHOLICA 2008
From:    "Neno Belchev" <nenobel la gmail.com>
Date:    Thu, March 6, 2008 15:08
To:      "artbox" <artbox la groups.cult.bg>

angliiski texst podoly
in English same text below

Тази година в рамките на международното
биенале за визуално изкуство
АВГУСТ В ИЗКУСТВОТО за първи път ще бъде
представен съпътстващия
мини-фест ВИДЕОХОЛИКА 2008, имащ за цел да
приближи съвременното видео
изкуство до публиката, чрез серия от
прожекции на обществени места, на
които то традиционно не е представено.
ВИДЕОХОЛИКА 2008 ще представи
на зрителите както достижения на
утвърдени автори, така и ще даде
възможност за първа изява на млади
творци в тази сфера.

Кандидатите, спазили крайния срок и
условията за участие ще бъдат
допуснати до журиране, което ще се
проведе през ранния юли. След
внимателна селекция журито ще представи
няколко едночасови програми,
които ще бъдат показани не еднократно на
различни публични места в
града. ВИДЕОХОЛИКА 2008 ще се състои през
август 2008 и ще бъде
разделена на следните секции: видео арт,
експериментално кино и арт
документ. Журито ще изготви
представителна селекция от първите 15
филма (първите 5 от всяка секция).
Условия за участие:

Формуляр за участие:

Мoля, изпратете своите кандидатури до
ВИДЕОХОЛИКА 2008 на следния адрес:

за Павлина Младенова
Художествен музей „Георги Велчев"
Ул. „Радко Димитриев" №8
Варна 9000

Преди да подготвите необÑ
комплект документи и материали за
участие (формуляр, DVD дискове и др.),
прочетете внимателно условията
и инструкциите.
Кандидати, чиито документи са непълни
няма да бъдат приемани за участие.
В случай, че имате въпроси обърнете се
към videoholica la abv.bg

This year for the first time will be presented as a satellite
programme - the mini-fest VIDEOHOLICA 2008 in the frames of the
International Biennial AUGUST IN ART. VIDEOHOLICA 2008 aims to make
the contemporary video art to the public with the chain of projections
on public spaces, where it is less known. VIDEOHOLICA 2008 will
present art works as by the good known artists as and by the young
artists, who are working in this area.

All the applicants, who observe the rules and the deadline, will have
admission to the jury, which will take a place in the earlier July
2008. After the careful selection the jury will present few one hour
programs, which will be shown in different public places in the Varna
city. VIDEOHOLICA 2008 will take a place in August 2008 and will be
separated to the following sections: video art, experimental movies
and art document. The jury will make catalog by the first 15 movies
(first 5 in every section).

Who can apply?
Every contemporary visual artists (individuals or in a time) pursuing
an innovative practice in a professional capacity are eligible to
apply. There are no age limits or no other limits.

Successful artists are chosen on the basis of quality and innovation
of work and potential benefits to the applicant.

How to apply?
Your proposal should include:
o	Printed completed application form A4 format, which must be signed
by the applicant – (Download Application Form from the web site of
AUGUST IN ART BIENNIAL www.augustinart.com)
o	Your art-video or art-videos, every on a single DVD (PAL, "Region 2:
Bulgaria" or " All Regions - PAL")
o	On CD-ROM 3 frames (still images) from every video, you apply. The
still images must have same title as the movie with numbers and to be
in .TIF format, 300 dpi and CMYK colour. The CD-ROMs have to be under
WINDOWS. CD-ROMs, which are burned under MAC, will not be accepted.
o	Artist update CV and of close collaborators

Please send your application to the VIDEOHOLICA 2008 on the following

Georgi Velchev Art Museum
8 Radko Dimitriev srt.
Varna 9000

Tel: + 359 52 611 928
videoholica la abv.bg

o	Application via E-mail will not be accepted.

The VIDEOHOLICA 2008 should receive the complete application (the
application form, the video, which you apply, CD ROM with frames and
your CV) by 31 June 2008 at the latest. After the complete application
has been received, you will receive a notification by E-mail.
Application must arrive at VIDEOHOLICA 2008 by no later than this
date. Applications, which will arrive after June 31 are NOT valid.

This year there is no submission fee.

o	This application guideline is based on the project plan of the
fiscal year of 2008. The details of the program are subject to change
if necessary.

o	Decisions are made by the 5 members VIDEOHOLICA 2008 jury, which is
made up of artists and other arts professionals.
o	The final results will be announced and sent to the applicants by
e-mail approximately by the middle of July 2008.
o	Individual queries concerning the selection process will not be answered.
o	Decisions of the jury are final and cannot be negotiated.

Requirements for the application

We advise you to consider the following when preparing your application:

o	Please note that the time,which the VIDEOHOLICA 2008 jury can spend
on your application is limited. Therefore it is important that your
documentation is of a good quality, clear, accessible and easy to
o	Check that your DVD functions properly and provide clear details of
technical specifications.
o	If you have participated in collaborative projects, please specify your
o	Prepare your documentation, taking the technical specifications into
o	Check that your video (DVD PAL) functions properly and provide clear
details of technical specifications.

Technical specifications for applying to the VIDEOHOLICA 2008
o	Viewing time should be maximum of 10 minutes. Please, make 5 seconds
black before the video.
o	If you apply with more that one video – Please, make every video on
different DVD. Any compilations will not be accepted
o	Make sure that your (DVD PAL) works on different players
o	Do not use complicated menus or time-consuming processes. Make sure
a DVD is able to fast-forward
o	The following systems can be viewed: DVD (PAL).
o	A DVD must be PAL and region 2 or region free and only contain AUDIO_TS and
VIDEO_TS folder (standard DVD video)
o	Indicate the ideal viewing conditions (on a monitor or as projection)
o	Do not send VCDs (video CD), (mini)DV or HDV tapes, Hi-8 or digital Hi-8,
o	DVCPRO or betacam tapes. They cannot be viewed. DVD NTSC also cannot be
o	Clearly indicate what the DVD contains: indicate on DVD itself title
of your work, your name, year and running time and on the application
form: the title(s), the running time, colour or black and white, with
or without sound.
o	Do not use stickers on the DVD!

Copyrights ________________________________________
Before filling in the application form you must agree with our copyright

1. The artist declares that he/she has the copyright of the work and
should be regarded as the sole artist;

2. The artist allows the AUGUST IN ART Foundation and VIDEOHOLICA to
use his/her movie for non-commercial activities** organized or
promoted by the AUGUST IN ART Foundation and VIDEOHOLICA

3. Activities consist of: presentation of the work in an exhibition, a
lecture, in a TV broadcast, during an Award event, in a catalogue on
video or DVD, accompanying printed materials and on the web sites of
The AUGUST IN ART, VIDEOHOLICA and the project partner

4. The AUGUST IN ART Foundation and VIDEOHOLICA cannot use the work in
any other way than as described above, unless with the explicit
permission of the artist.

5. The artist agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the AUGUST IN ART
foundation and VIDEOHOLICA, its officers, directors, employees,
agents, distributors and its affiliates from and against any and all
claims made by employees of the productions and any and all
third-party claims arising from or in any way related to any
copyrights, thereby expressly including the music rights. All costs
arising out of or as a result of copyright claims by third parties are
for the artist.

6. The director of VIDEOHOLICA has the right to dispose of by himself
those cases, which have not taken places in these terms of conditions.

7. The signing of the application form means that the applicant
accepts all points of VIDEOHOLICA's terms of conditions.

Return of documentation

No application will be returned. All the material will remain as
archive of VIDEOHOLICA.

When preparing your application please follow the instructions carefully.
Applications that are incomplete or do not comply with the
requirements will not be accepted.
If you have any questions mail to videoholica la abv.bg

Neno Belchev
Studentska St., Block 12, Apart. 12
9010 Varna, Bulgaria

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