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Mar Mar 11 22:31:45 CET 2008

Vienna, Austrija

Artist-in-Residence Program

vabilo k prijavam / call for applications

Slovensko (english below):
Kulturni forum avstrijskega veleposlaništva sporoèa, da dunajsko kulturno
središèe »Museumsquartier« ponovno razpisuje štipendijo za dvomeseèno
bivanje (v novembru/ decembru 2008) »Artists-in-Residence«. (Štipendije za
leto 2006 sta prejela slovenska umetnika. Tisti, ki so se do sedaj ze
enkrat prijavili, se lahko zopet prijavijo, vendar ne z istim projektom.)

Vljudno Vas prosimo, da posredujete vso potrebno dokumentacijo v nemškem
ali angleškem jeziku:
- dopis
- izpolnjeno prijavnico
- življenjepis (osebni podatki, podatki o izobrazbi, razstave itd.)
- opis projekta (do 1500 znakov brez presledkov)
- digitalni material (na CD ali DVD)

Dokumentacijo je treba poslati v zapeèateni kuverti (na kuverti naj bodo
naslednji podatki: ime, priimek, naslov, telefon in E-poštni naslov)
najkasneje do 15. maja 2008 na naslov:
Kulturni forum avstrijskega veleposlaništva
(za gospo mag. N. Grilj)
Prešernova cesta 23
1000 Ljubljana
S pripisom »MQ Artists in Residence«

Avstrijski kulturni forum bo posredoval te kuverte kulturnemu središèu
»Museumsquartier« prek avstrijskega ministrstva za zunanje zadeve.


Since the beginning of 2003, five live/work studios have been available in
quartier21 to international artists who do not normally reside in Austria.
Two of the studios are located on the top floor of the Oval Wing (approx.
43 square meters each) and three are in Courtyard 7 (77 and 53 square
meters), architectural concept: BEHF.

These studios will be predominantly linked to the cultural providers of
quartier21. In special case, the studios can be allocated to applicants
recommended by other cultural institutions.

The objective of this program is to expand the role of the MuseumsQuartier
Wien as one of the world's largest contemporary cultural complexes over
the medium and long term, above all through the active and continuous
involvement of international creative artists, and to promote
international cultural exchange, in particular with Austria's direct
neighbours and other European countries.

The financing of the studio program is accomplished with the assistance of
sponsors (currently Erste Bank and Wiener Stadtwerke) and allows us to
make the studios available free of charge along with a monthly stipend.
Other cooperations are existing with the Ministry for Foreign
Affairs/cultural department and the program "tranzit".

Stipends are awarded for a minimum period of two month and a maximum of
six months. Only in exceptional case a period of less than two, but a
minimum of one month is possible.

Stipends in quartier21 require the artists' presence on location, i.e.
artists are required to spend at least three quarters of the stipend
period in the MuseumsQuartier.

There are no age limits for stipends.

English language skills are required.

Decisions on awarding the artist studios are made by the management of
MuseumsQuartier Errichtungs- und BetriebsgesmbH.

Upon award of a stipend, the respective cultural provider receives an
agreement and house rules for forwarding to the artist. The stipend is
deemed to have been awarded with binding effect upon the signing of the
agreement by the cultural provider and may be revoked by the management of
MuseumsQuartier Errichtungs- und BetriebsgesmbH in the event of a
violation of the house rules, etc. The cultural provider provides a
security deposit in the amount of EUR 500 at the beginning of the stay for
the payment in the event of damage in studio and equipment.

Presentation of the recommendation by the cultural provider or other
cultural institutions does not automatically establish the right to award
of a stipend.

In case of events within the context of the quartier21 Artist-in-Residence
Program, the residency has to be mentioned on printed matters, press
releases etc.

MuseumsQuartier Errichtungs- und BetriebsgesmbH makes the studios
available for the duration of the stipend including all utilities (note:
no telephone or Internet connection currently available in the studios).

The artist is given EUR 1,050.00 per month to cover expenses. These funds
are paid out by MuseumsQuartier Errichtungs- und BetriebsgesmbH.

Coordination of selection and time scheduling as well as support service
for the artist in cooperation with the recommending institution.

The artist-in-residence program is currently coordinated by staff of the
MQ E+B Ges. - Elisabeth Hajek (quartier21 Coordination). For the
organization of travel to the MuseumsQuartier, the logistics of moving
into the studio with an introduction to the MQ complex, and general
questions and organizational matters, the artist can contact quartier21
Coordination or MuseumsQuartier Errichtungs- und BetriebsgesmbH. A list
with contacts will be provided to artists at the commencement of their

Basic support for the recommended stipend recipients is primarily provided
by the respective cultural provider. The objective is to involve the
invited created artists as intensively as possible in the operation of
quartier21. In particular, in the course of or as a result of their stay
in the MQ, the international artists should also be given an opportunity
to present their works or projects developed in collaboration with the
inviting and supporting quartier21 partners.

The applications for the artist-in-residence program are registered with
the MQ E+B Ges. - Elisabeth Hajek (ehajek la mqw.at) using a registration
form, in any case CV and project proposal also in digital form. If an
applicant is chosen, he or she will receive confirmation in writing.

In order to make it possible for quartier21 to document the
artist-in-residence program as comprehensively as possible, the following
information must be provided in digital form no later than upon the
registration of an artist:
Application letter
Completed application form
CV (name, education, exhibitions, professional experience, etc.)
Ideas or concrete project proposals for quartier21
Visual or audio material, catalogs, etc.
Visual or audio material or catalogs remain in the possession of
MuseumsQuartier Errichtungs- und BetriebsgesmbH for documentation

As a condition for award of the scholarship, written documentation
including photographic material is to be submitted to the MQ E+B Ges. -
Elisabeth Hajek (ehajek la mqw.at) in digital form upon completion of the
visiting scholarship.

data limita: 15/05/08

MuseumsQuartier E+B Ges.
Mag. Elisabeth Hajek
Museumsplatz 1
A-1070  Vienna
tel: +43-1-523 5881-1717
fax: +49-1-523 58 86
ehajek la mqw.at

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