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Dum Mar 16 22:17:07 CET 2008

Heritage Conservation Study Program

Dear Colleagues,
This is to introduce you to our one-year study programme at AINova,
Slovakia designed for those who are interested in getting the complex
knowledge of the cultural heritage and its preservation.

The first trimester is focused on the theory and philosophy, organization
and legal aspects of heritage preservation; the second on methods and
techniques of conservation/ restoration and the third trimester on
economic aspects, strategic planning and cultural heritage management.

Should you need more information, please visit our website
http://www.ainova.sk or contact directly the administrator of the
programme, Ms Hela Bakaljarova at hela la ainova.sk

With best regards,
Lucia Bizonova
Project Manager and Trainer
Academia Istropolitana Nova
Prostredna 47/A
900 21 Svaty Jur
Slovak Republic
Tel: 00421 2 44970 449-453
Fax: 00421 2 44970 455
E-mail: luciab la ainova. sk

mai multe informatii gasiti la: http://www.ainova.sk/index.php?page=12

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