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Subject: [artinfo] Nine Scholarships in International MFA Program

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TRANSART INSTITUTE announced today that three scholarships of USD 15000
each are
available for students from Eastern Europe and developing countries and six
of 2000 and 1000 USD respectively are available to students from anywhere to
in the international MFA program.
Online application form: http://www.friendsoftransartinstitute.org/Pages/MFA-

In the highly individualized low-residency MFA program students create their
own course
of study working on art and research projects off-site with the support of
faculty and self-
chosen artist mentors. The independent study is complemented by three
intensive summer
residencies where lectures, critiques, seminars, performances, exhibitions,
and workshops
take place on-site in Europe. The low-residency format permits continuing a
life while participating in the program. Scholarships are given on the basis
of artistic merit
and financial need. All media and genres. Deadline for scholarships and
admissions: May 1, 2008.
Further information: http://www.transartinstitute.org/


ANNOUNCING the 2008 summer program to be held at the OK Center for
Art from July 13 - August 1. The full program is available online:

Guest lectures open to the public will include:

Gulsen Bal: Xenophobia - The Creative Moment of Encounters Curatorial
Projects. Bal, a
visual artist, theoretician explores the notions of the difference of
and difference,
minority, exilic discourse and border phenomena within cultural geography.
She is
currently Director for Openspace, Zentrum f=FCr Kunstprojekte, Vienna.

ubermorgen.com (Lizvlx + Hans Bernhard): "Artist talk" One of the most
unmatchable identities - controversial and iconoclast - of the
contemporary European techno-fine-art avant-garde, their open circuit of
conceptual art, drawing, software art, pixel-painting, installations,
net.art, sculpture and digital activism transforms their brand into a
hybrid Gesamtkunstwerk. http://www.ubermorgen.com

General information: http://www.transartinstitute.org
Questions: admin la transartinstitute.org


Klaus Knoll, Dr. phil.
Director, Transart Institute

info la transartinstitute.org
USA: 347 410 9905 Fax: 508 682 2853

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