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Subject: [openremont] AIW:A, Artists’ International Workshop
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AIW:A, Artists' International Workshop: Aley is inviting applications
for its 2-week workshop residency program in Aley, Lebanon from the
17th of August until the 1st of September 2008.
The workshop is process oriented, supports experimentation in all
media and is targeted at emerging to mid career artists in all
fields; encouraging contemporary work in painting, drawing,
sculpture, installation, video, performance and sound. This workshop
is part of the Triangle Arts Network of workshops currently active in
20 countries.  The Triangle Arts Trust, established in 1982 by Robert
Loder and Anthony Caro, is organised as a network of artist-led
workshops that encourages experimentation, and cross-media exchange.
The workshop will bring together 20-25 international artists
practicing in a wide variety of media, to work among each other, and
share ideas and methods for a period of two weeks in the mountain
village of Aley.  The provision of a fairly short, intensive spell of
working and a space for discussion opens up new ideas and
opportunities. A series of invited artists, speakers, performers or
curators will visit to take part. At the end of the two weeks, the
workshop will host an Open Day, which will invite in the local
public, artists and cultural operators to celebrate the developments
and results of the workshop.

Submissions Deadline: 15th of May, 2008

About AIW:A
As a two-week destination for international artists, the workshop is
an attempt to confine a wide range of artistic directions within the
boundaries of a specific physical context. This will be the only
constraints that participants will have to contend with: the artists
will be free to invest in any theme and method they choose, with the
possibility of involving other participants in the production and
implementation processes. A main goal is for artists to experience
various cultural influences and stimulate creative development.

About Aley
Aley is a town in Mount Lebanon, located on the Beirut-Damascus
route. It overlooks Beirut and is a half an hour ride from there.
Aley was once considered a village up until the 1960's where it
developed into a dense commercial, touristic and entertainment
centre. The location of the workshop site is in the west district
where it has not been completely urbanized. Aley was partially
destroyed during the war and many of the spaces within the immediate
context of the workshop have not been restored since, making them
inspiring grounds for artistic experimentation and production.

Open Day & Ceremony
After the two-week period there will be an open day in Aley. Critics,
artists, curators and the public will be invited along with the Local
Administrations and the Ministry of Culture. This is a feature of the
Triangle Workshops which is designed to encourage community
involvement and introduce audiences to a wide variety of
international artistic practices and the process of making art.

The workshop will provide the selected artist with full lodging and
food, working space, local transportation and a small material
stipend. Travel expenses to Lebanon may also be awarded.

Application Requirements
1.        Personal Information: name, age, nationality, contact
details (address, email and telephone number).
2.        200 words stating interest in applying
3.        Bio/Curriculum Vitae
4.        5 to 8 digital images of work in JPEG formats (PC and Mac
formats), resolution 1024 x 768.  Any images above the stated
requirement will not be accepted.
5.        Inventory list of the images sent on MS Word that includes:
Title of image, date, dimensions, medium, & explanation (if
documentation of installation, performance etc.)
6.        All 5 requirements should be limited in one email to:
aiwaworkshop la gmail.com

7.        Time based work, such as performance, video, or sound can
be sent by DVD by mail to the following address: (please notify by
email if sent)

Aiwa c/o Lina Hakim
POBox: 13-5509

Applications must be received by May 15th, 2008.  Selected artist
will be notified by the beginning of June 2008.  Please do not send
originals, as we are not able to send mail back to sender.

For more information please contact us by e-mail at:
aiwaworkshop la gmail.com

or by telephone at the following numbers:
Ghassan Maasri
Tel: +961 1 740833
Mob: +961 3 412659

Lina Hakim
Mob: +961 3 232055

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