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Mar Apr 22 23:44:34 CEST 2008

son:DA and collective La Vitrine "HOW TO DESTROY A GALLERY?", Maribor,
Group exhibition
with open call

Because of many reasons, one of the most active gallery project in city of
Maribor (Slovenia) is closing down. La Vitrine collective who is running
the small, hand-made gallery out of wood with two windows and covered with
"tarmacom", located in the cultural center Pekarna, invited us "to destroy
it" as the last project with this gallery; the question now is, how to
destroy it alias the process of destroying it.

We decided through this open call to set a group exhibition with every
send signed or unsigned ideas, every short (or long) concepts, one
sentence e-mails or drawings, flour plans,... that we will receive till
25-4-2008 on


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