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Mie Apr 23 21:57:53 CEST 2008

Prague, Czech Republic
perioada: November 20 - 24, 2008

Duncan Centre Conservatory
The New Europe Festival

Jarmila Jeøábková Award - International Choreography Competition 2008

Persons interested in participating in the New Europe Festival are
required to send a video recording of a dance project they want to present
at the festival to the below stated address by April 30 - 2008.
dance, dance theatre
duration from 8 to 20 minutes
1 to 5 performers
first showing from 2006 to 2008, or has not been presented yet registered
dance projects must comply with the technical parameters of the Duncan
Centre Theatre

Choreographers, that have been selected, will be contacted by May 10, 2008
and requested to create a choreography based on one of the compositions
composed by Kryštof Maøatka. The compositions from which these
choreographers will be able to choose will be send - Music from March 15,
2008 or they will be supplied by the organizer, upon request.

Newly created dance projects must comply with the above stated parameters
and must be sent as a video recording to the below stated address by
September 30, 2008. Newly created choreographies will be presented as part
of the Festival together with the registered dance project.

All the dance projects will be assessed and evaluated by an international
board, which will select three dance projects. These will be awarded
prizes that amount to a total of CZK 130,000. Half of the funds won must
be used to create a new project and these will be performed for the very
first time at the Duncan Centre Theatre at the beginning of the next
Festival, which will take place in the autumn 2008.

Dances and such will be prone to original light design and stage setting.
Dance projects based on classical music composed by Kryštof Maøatka, which
will be performed on Saturday night, will be performed under limited light
design (for more information refer to the section on Technical

The organizing party will reimburse the travel and accommodation expenses
of the choreographers and dancers. No fees will be paid out for any dance
or dance theatre performances. The organizer of the Festival is
responsible for copyright fees. Participating artists (dance companies,
organizations) are responsible for providing complete information about
the dance projects used and their authors.

data limita: 30/04/08

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